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Hi all,

I’m Mark, lead developer of UNION.

I hope you don’t mind me dropping in, Fish told me about your community and I am very excited to talk to you guys.

UNION is being created by myself and two friends (Pádraig, our writer and mission designer, and Dave, who works with me on systems and AI). We’re big table top RPers (D&D, GURPS and all kinds of strange and any number of homegrown games) and we really love the concept of Artemis. As much as we respect all that Thom has pioneered with Artemis, and it is a fine achievement, we found that it lacked depth and variety. Still, the concept stuck with me, and later I started prototyping the kind of systems I would want in a bridge sim. That led to UNION.

The way we see it there is nobody out there more qualified to advise us on gameplay and features than core Artemis players like yourselves. And so we would love to hear your thoughts on what you’d like to see in UNION.

DMX support is definitely on our wish list. We will be consulting the community at a later stage on how best to proceed with it.