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If this delivers on all of its promises, I’d be up for it. Especially if

Damn, crashed.

Especially if Artemis doesn’t get any further ‘active’ development. Mod support is always a bonus, and all of you programmers could be spoilt for choice with TSN-made and/or approved creations. Love the fact that you can put an AI in an open position. (It sucks having to take a position you don’t like, or no one is around to do and hoping you have enough players.)

But I do wonder what the hardware requirements for this will be. It’s a different beast then Artemis. Also, maps. Need to see if this has the whole package to make sectors and warp/jumps, starbases in certain places, etc, and not just a one dynamic mission type of shooter I’m seeing in the demo screens. Also, more than 2 sides (factions)?
One thing about the TSN is having a kind of persistence to a story/universe, err right?

Green-lighting for sure. Back to A

*^#@&#%* crashed again.