Duty Log: Lt. Jr. Solari, TSN Hydra (BC-016), 4th LD

Stardate: 9815.2237

A pirate alliance. If I wasn’t staring at the latest casualty reports, I would almost be congratulating myself for understanding why it happened.
Like some species, Humans are not an entirely unified front. My own species once had a caste warfare, over who was in charge of our limited land. The halfs and halfs not, is the Human term? Or is it haves?

The TSN is still struggling overall. Two of the fourth division ships went after the flagship of this so-called alliance. Our only triumph so far. I only hope they got the General leading them. But I doubt things are so easy or simple.

And such it was, the events of the Pirates coalition ship being destroyed, caused ripples on the water, as most do. We were once again called to alert. I’m happy to report my fellow Lt.jr Fulvus once again took the weapons console. I needed to re-calibrate my data tablet for the still under-repair Science station as it was. Having a bad leg didn’t help either.
Ships of every make, save Arvonian, which is a good sign, showed up on our floor step? Something step. We did have orders not to destroy the N’Tani, but they left us little choice. Again, not all species take on a single harmonious front.
We lost two research stations, but managed to evacuate the sector successfully, with minimal losses. If calling another retreat is successful.

It was during our final withdrawal that I noticed a radiological alert on the Hydras sensors, as we swept the nebula for any stragglers.
Let’s see if this information isn’t entirely restricted anymore. Moments later a Caltron ship appeared.
As if things couldn’t get worse. It was dispatched easily though, and we reported the temporary radioactivity prior to it showing up. It was odd, but a key piece of information.
However, we had not the time to study the findings, as once again yet another sector came under attack.

I barely remember much of what happened. My webbed hands danced over every sensor contract I could see, identifying the masses of ships converging on three of our stations. The Pheonix and Hydra were in one group. Again, perhaps anger or a bad bloodlust was with the Hydra, but we made a poor showing of ourselves, having been almost overwhelmed yet again. Our offence was great, no doubt, but our defence? No. We failed, dearly.
Selona station and all of her five thousand crew were lost. The one clear part of that debacle that still stands out in my mind. I called out the station was under attack. Then that her shields were critical. And then…it was just gone from sensors. We didn’t even dock when we had orders to evacuate whom we could.
What shocks me is that no one on our bridge seemed to care at that moment. I hope they didn’t know someone on that station.

We had a few more Caltron interruptions. The division noted that they did not target any surrendered pirate coalition forces that passed them. I theorise it may be the surrendered status, not any kind of pact.
I did manage to record a brief artificial singularity near Cerberus command, along with the now usual radiological alert. The fact that they can appear almost anywhere is…discomforting. Yet these seem more like scouting probes than any aggressive movement on their part.
Let’s hope it stays that way. We don’t need yet another front in this retreating action.

End Duty Log

Personal Log:

Before the attacks occurred the Hydra and the remaining crews did more simulations. We needed them because of the fresh influx of…hmm…odd cadets. Perhaps it’s the losses we’ve been taking, but the newest officers seem to be in a hurry and quick to rush into what they think is the optimal course of action.
Disappointed would be my reaction. Especially since Lt.Cdr Verok seemed to encourage one in particular on the Hydra. We don’t need internal contradictions from subordinates at a time like this. Again, it may just be the stress getting to us though.
Still. Hearing a cadet on the bridge complain that escorting an evacuation ship is taking too long to get to a destination? Unacceptable. I was actually quite serious that the cadet take an airlock out. We don’t need uncaring officers, especially ones who seem to think like pirates might.

Side note: I took helm and did not crash the ship in a simulation. Oddly invigorating. I actually didn’t mind it so much. Conflict makes for, what do Humans call it…strange bunkmates?
Now, back to the water tank to heal and contemplate.

End Personal Log