Duty Log: Ens (Act) Mundy, TSN Hawk (CL-982), 4th LD


Back on duty after a stint in sickbay – it felt like weeks, though it was only two days. I kept telling Doc I was fit for duty, but she wouldn’t listen. Light concussion, she said, dizzy spells, disturbed vision, possible loss of short term memory, need to keep you in for tests, Cadet. Yes, Doctor, Sir (no, Doctor, three bags full, Doctor). Salute, lie down, take pills, look into this instrument, breathe normally, and all that.

Trying to make sense of it – which ship was I on? Who was on the bridge? Dammit. Possible loss of short term memory, Doc said. Dammit. I need to check the official duty logs. I had the Science and Comms consoles, we were engaging a group of Krelians. Black screen. Then sickbay. They tell me we were hit, there was an overload, the console blew up right in front of me. Emergency repairs, medical teams, all of that, but I was out. I vaguely remember the briefing after it was all over. Not that I was allowed to be present, Doc wouldn’t let me up, it was another screen, I think the mission was successful. Things still blur.

I was out for a mission assignment. Heard something about it, a long scouting mission, space monsters. And there I was, stuck in sickbay. Dammit.

All that time in sickbay – no, it was only two days, feels like two weeks – meant I could read up for the Ensign exam. Which is good, because I swear I read the same paragraph over and over, and none of it made sense for days. Not days, hours that felt like days. I hate this feeling, the gaps, not knowing how long those gaps really were. I hate looking for a word and not finding it. Dammit.

I haven’t been that nervous about an exam since… Well, ever. Dammit. I passed. Not as well as I’d have liked. Silver. Still, passed. Done.

Today on TSN Hawk, Lt. Commander Hall in the captain’s chair, I was slated to be on Comms. Then a crew member was reassigned at the last minute, and I found myself on Science and Comms. Like the last mission. I had a moment when I saw the panels blow up again, just as we were leaving the station. Dammit. This is not going to stop me. Where’s the short term memory loss when it would be helpful?

Then I was busy. Enemy fleets to scan, headings to find for Helm, stations to contact. Focus. Keep that voice calm and level, keep instructions clear.

The squadron defended the sector successfully, enemy fleets were destroyed, some ships surrendered.

One ship, TSN Hammer, was recovered from N’tari. It seems they had started to download data from it. N’tari equipment which had been placed on board was also recovered.

Space monsters were herded into the nebula in the centre of the sector. What _are_ those things, anyway?

And there was a strange message delivered at the concluding briefing, about the placing of torpedoes in the tubes, with the top at the bottom, bottom at the top, and therefore, labels have been provided… Feeling dizzy again. Must not let Doc find out…

Torpedo placement
Upside down, topsy turvy:
Bureaucrats’ orders.