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Duty Log: Lt. Jr. Solari, 4th LD

Stardate: 17915.2237 And so ends the stream of the TSN Hydra. No second chances. Her black box was recovered and a radiation cloud lingers. May her particles drift in the vastness of space forever. Better than the pirates boarding and capturing her…but still. It’s only been a few days, but as Humans might say, everything… Read More »

Ensign Solari – Assault on Cerberus

Hour 1 Hope and loss. In the span of the last duty shift, that was all Solari could manage to think of. He sat, dejected at Atlantis Command’s medical bay, waiting to tend to his minor wounds, still fresh after hours. One of those two words outweighed the other. Exhausted, he attempted to recall the… Read More »

Ensign Solari – Krisenda System

Day 1 The lights inside the bunk-room were very dim, aboard the Hydra. Most of the crew was on station at the few remaining research facilities. But Solari tended to be a loner afterwards. When you spend so much time on a bridge with others constantly, it was good to get away from that and… Read More »