The Long Bar Conflict

Named after the region of space in which the conflict took place, the Long Bar conflict officially began at the close of the year 2235 and lasted until mid 2236.

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Medal awarded to TSN forces that participated in the Long Bar Conflict

Build-up to the Conflict

In early 2234, the USFP had been establishing a more secure presence in the lower arc. The TSN 2nd Space Fleet had continued the exploration of surrounding star systems along the border between USFP and Kralien space. As a result, tension in the region was beginning to rise and minor skirmishes with Kralien forces were becoming more frequent.

Toward the end of 2235, the TSN had established a strong military presence in the region, and were supporting numerous research projects into systems such as the Cronus System, the Euphini Expanse and the Poseidon Rift. It was during the final month of 2235 that unusual readings were detected in the region. By compiling sensor data from numerous ships and stations, the source of the readings were pinpointed to the Volantis System. The 3rd Battle Division was dispatched, along with two research vessels to the system to investigate. As they entered the system and began their investigation, all communication was lost.

Elements of the 4th Light Division were immediately ordered to the Volantis system to establish what had happened to the vessels and provide assistance where required.

Arriving in the system, the 4th Light Division were greeted with an unexpected crisis situation. Only two, severely crippled ships of the 3rd Battle Division were in the system; their crews missing. Trace elements indicated that the rest of the Division had been in the system, however there was no significant debris field to suggest they had been attacked or destroyed. The vessels had simply disappeared. As the 4th Light Division continued to investigate, Hegemony forces were detected leaving the region. A rear-guard broke off from the main body of the forces and turned to engage, whilst the rest of the main Hegemony fleet continued to leave.

Once the system was secure, the ships of the 4th Light Division began recovery operations, and also tried to establish what had happened to the missing vessels and crews of the 3rd Battle Division. It was evident from the forces leaving the sector, that a massive enemy fleet had ambushed the Battle Division, overwhelming it before it could properly respond.

Soon after the engagement, a message was received by the USFP. The Hegemony accused the TSN of launching unprovoked attacks, hence their retaliation in Volantis system, and vowed to seek revenge and repayment for the damage caused. They declared war against the USFP at 15:35 standard time on stardate 261214-2235. The Long Bar Conflict had begun.

Major Events

During the conflict, there were several major events that saw TSN forces stretched to the limit. Fighting against aggressive Hegemony actions, the divisions of the 2nd Fleet took heavy losses during the course of the conflict. Detailed on the following pages are key events from the conflict.

Exchanging Prisoners (Stardate: 10514-2236)

The G’zann (Stardate: 24514-2236)

Treasonous Actions (Stardate: 30514-2236)

Shell Shock (Stardate: 7614-2236)

Evacuation of Promethean (Stardate: 7614-2236)

The Truth About X314 System (Stardate: 12714-2236)

Answering a Distress Call (Stardate: 12714-2236)