The TSN 4th Light Division


Formation of the 4th Light Division

Campaign History

The 2nd Fleet, 4th Light Division have participated in a number of campaigns, both in peacetime and in wartime. The actions of the 4th Light Division are recorded in the accounts below.

The Long Bar Conflict (261214-2235 to 6914-2236)

At 15:35 on stardate 261214-2235 the Hegemony declared war on the USFP, citing a series of unprovoked attacks on Hegemony space. This war was to last for almost a full year, with heavy losses being inflicted on the TSN’s 2nd Space Fleet. The 4th Light Division played a major role supporting the actions of the Battle Divisions.

Exploring the Euphini Expanse (10115-2236 to 27915-2236)

The 4th Light Division was assigned to relieve elements of the exploration division. They arrived in the Euphini Expanse on stardate 10115-2236, and have been posted there since.

Cerberus (28915-2236 to Present)