Jump Point Technology

Jump Points allow transition of starships between star systems, as well as other regions of space. They are a natural phenomena that occur most frequently in the immediate region just beyond a star system’s heliosphere.

Jump Points

Jump points are gravo-kinetic fractures in realspace, which forms a jumpspace tunnel between two points in space. These tunnels compress space time significantly; transition through a jumpspace tunnel is almost instantaneous, making it possible for ships to travel interstellar distances which would otherwise be impossible.

Jump Gates

A ‘Jump Gate’ is the generic term for the technology that has developed to stabilize the naturally occurring jump points and provide a more reliable form of transit from one system to another. Although the technologies used to stabilize a Jump Point vary between the different alien races, there are many similarities in the actual method of stabilization. For this reason, the term ‘Jump Gate’ has been widely adopted across the known species in the galaxy.

TSN ships approach a Jump Gate

TSN ships approach a USFP Jump Gate

Jump Gates operate by anchoring a jump point to one location, eradicating the natural drift that occurs and stopping the point from destabilising from the ‘gravitational erosion’ effect of nearby planetary systems and stars.