Personal Logs

These are the personal logs of the officers of the Terran Stellar Navy. The detail the exploits of the TSN and their crews, giving an insight into life as an officer.

Races and Factions

There are five main powers which occupy the TSN Universe; the USFP, the Skaraan, the Kralien, the Torgoth and the Arvonian. There are also numerous small factions and alien races, from nomadic alien factions, to rebel groups and small independent star systems.

Notable Characters

There are many well-known, and sometimes infamous, individuals documented in the historical archives of the different alien races that inhabit the universe. These individuals are renowned for their genius, contribution, achievements or for their great failures that have impacted the course of history.

Creatures and Life forms

As humanity spread into the stars, they soon realised that space was not the vast uninhabitable void that they first thought. Scientists have studied and documented numerous different creatures and life forms, including those that can exist within the void of space itself.


Although the technology of the various alien races that inhabit the universe is often similar due to the extended period of interactions between them, there are still distinct differences between the use of technology and capabilities of each individual race or faction.

Jump Point Theory

Jump Points are naturally occurring phenomena that can be found throughout the galaxy. They provide a conduit between two points in space through which spaceborne objects can travel, moving great distances in a fraction of the time required.