Welcome to the TSN RP Community Universe. Follow the links below to discover everything you need to know about the Universe, the science and technologies within it, and the history of the TSN and 4th Light Division. Each area focuses on one particular aspect of the established canon. 

The TSN 4th Light Division

The TSN 2nd Fleet, 4th Light Division has a proud and honourable history. Since its creation in the year 2236, it has proved itself time and again, serving on the frontier of USFP space. Assigned to the Promethean System, the 4th Light has taken part in numerous campaigns and missions, helping to maintain peace and security in the Upper Spiral Arm region.

Inhabitants of the Spiral Arm

Within the Spiral arm, there are hundreds of different alien species, from the hulking Torgoth warriors and centaur-like Skaraans, to the mysterious space dwelling creatures such as the Biomechs. There are great civilisations and empires spanning hundreds of star systems, some working to enslave and conquer, others working for freedom and peace.

Several main galactic powers vie for supremecy: the USFP, the Skaraan Corporations, the Kralien order, the Torgoth Empire and the Arvonians and the Ximni. Each power constantly forges alliances, creates plots schemes, and conducts strikes against one another in an effort to further their own agenda.

Amongst these super powers, there are many more neutral alien races or smaller factions, such as the Hjorden, the N’Tani or the Unuaklhai. These factions trade, form alliances and declare wars, all for their own ends.

Finally, there are the native, space dwelling species. As mysterious as they are beautiful, they glide through space, living out their own existance. Species such as the majestic Dilector Canopus or “Space Whale”, or the strange Biomechs all live alongside the space-faring alien civilisations.

Science and Technology

Throughout the galaxy, technology is as diverse as the aliens that use it. This wealth of technology allows the space-faring races to explore and expand their civilisations. These technologies include great creations such as the Jump Gates, designed by the G’Zann to harness the power of the naturally occurring jump points, or the ancient N’Tani vessels powered by crystalline entities.