Worshippers of the Void

Name Worshippers of the Void  (religious cult)
Faction Unknown
Race Various species

Background Information

Located in a monastery on Eulis C Planet; there is a religious sect. 

This all female religious group call themselves as the Worshipers of the Void. 

Their monastery is forbidden for male individuals. They are very strict about this subject. 

Prayers and deep meditations cover most of their daily routine. Rest of the day, they do chores and attend religious classes. 

Priestess’ worships to a black hole called: Azad 

They believe that their god Azad, is a traveling supermassive black hole that travels throughout our galaxy and shows up in Eulis-4 every billion years. 

It is also claimed that they are clairvoyants, gifted by their god Azad. They are famous for foreshadowing the arrival of Mezzomorto as the new political force in the Neutral Zone. 

Although these claims sound divine, many political spheres are criticizing this sect for making up unfounded assumptions. They are blaming the priestess for leading crowds into chaos and panic for no reason. 

Even though these priestesses with self-claimed psychic abilities, declare that they are apolitical; there is no doubt that they are herding their followers into a desired political standpoint with their prophecies.

Notable Appearances

Date Description
5322-2239 After TSN had learnt that pirate factions were merging under a mysterious figure, 4 LD got a message from head priestess Asena Tulpar regarding stories about a pirate leader called: Mezzomorto.
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