The Unakalhai

The Unukalhai are an extremist, rebel organisation who hold the belief that humanity is the pure, superior race in the galaxy and other alien species should be made to serve, or be eradicated from existence. After the Second Torgoth Invasion ended in 2201, the Unukalhai’s human supremacist beliefs gained much support. Many citizens of the USFP joined the movement, particularly those who had lost friends and relatives in previous wars. Gradually, the USFP began to divide; those who supported the Unukalhai and those who opposed their beliefs.

As their popularity rose, star systems began creating laws, expelling alien species from them. The tension between neighbouring star systems began to rise, and it was in early 2212 when the first USFP star systems turned on one another. Ships from Unukalhai controlled systems attacked neighbouring star systems in an attempt to take control and enforce their beliefs upon those systems. The USFP government responded quickly, declaring the Unukalhai a rebel organisation and thus formally beginning the war.

It was at the turn of the year 2213 when the support for the Unukalhai began to crumble. Images of atrocities committed by Unukalhai leadership against alien races were released through media channels throughout USFP space. When people realised the true nature of the Unukalhai, support for the rebels quickly began to diminish. USFP forces were able to push back Unukalhai forces and the rebel leaders eventually retreated back to their home planet, where they were to make their last stand. The final fight was bloody, and ended with USFP ships conducting an orbital bombardment of the Unukalhai’s headquarters where the leadership had barricaded themselves in to make a final stand.

The current Unukalhai faction can be traced back to a group of colonists who escaped from the bombardment of Unukalhai worlds with a number of key ships and ship designs, including the colony seed ship Concord, at the conclusion of the Unukalhai Uprising in 2214. Ever since that time, there have been rumours of recruitment to the Unukalhai cause from human colonies throughout the USFP. Although many of the members of the leadership were killed or captured, not all were accounted for. A small task force was sent to track down the remaining leaders and bring them to justice. Since the uprising, a total of 9 of the Unukalhai leaders have been accounted for, but the task still goes on: the Unuhalkai continue to recruit disaffected human USFP citizens who are attracted by their racist beliefs. The Security Services Bureau apprehended a number of agents in the period 2227-2237. In 2236, the theft of 124 mines from the Promethean Border Region’s defence grid was attributed to Unukalhai agents, but this was not confirmed.

The Unukalhai, despite their human supremacist attitude, use intelligent tactics: they use influence and various dirty tricks to play non-human species off one another to keep them weak. There have been theories that the Unukalhai have been supporting the myriad Pirate “corporations” (building hulls, using the corporation holdings as safe refuge) in order to sow unrest, harass TSN assets, and damage shipping within the USFP.