Main Galactic Timeline

Date Event
2068 After years of research and development, Humanity finally unlocks the secret to faster than light travel. Exploration of the solar system begins in earnest, with humans able to travel between the planets in a matter of hours.
2080 The first jump points are discovered beyond the heliosphere.
2088 The first jump drives are created, allowing travel almost instantaneously to new location in the galaxy. An even more rapid expansion ensues, with new starbases being established in new systems, and minor colonies springing up through newly discovered systems.
2098 After 10 years of expansion, first contact finally occurs between an alien race known as the Anat and Humanity. The Anat also introduce Humanity to the Atagarzis. The Anat quickly establish a way to communicate with Humanity.
2109 The first colony is established in Atlantis System. Expansion continues, with unmanned probes being sent to scout more jump points to expand known space.
2110 First contact occurs between Humanity and the G’Zann when Humanity explores the possibility of mining a gas giant, which turns out to be the G’Zann homeworld.
2114 The first jump gate is established with assistance from the G’Zann.
2132 The formation of the United Space-Faring Planets is formed. The founding races of Humanity, the Anat, the Atagarzis and the G’Zann sign a treaty of mutual cooperation and governance.
2175 First contact between the Kralien Empire and the United Space-Faring Planets.