TSN Vessels

TSN vessels are those operated by enlisted crew and officers. They are organised into two broad categories; Combat Vessels and Logistical and Support Vessels. There are also numerous stations utilised by the TSN which provide support for all operational vessels.

Combat Vessels

Combat vessels form the backbone of the Terran Stellar Navy. Crewed by the most elite officers, they provide security and protection for the members of the USFP.

Logistical and Support Vessels

To support and maintain the combat vessels of the Terran Stellar Navy, there are numerous types of logistical and support vessels operated by TSN officers and crew. These include everything from heavy combat auxiliaries and high-capacity cargo vessels, to small runabouts and single-manned maintenance ships.

  • Bulk Cargo Carrier
  • Transport Type 1 & Type 2
  • Heavy Auxiliary
  • Light Auxiliary


Stations are fixed platforms which have advanced manufacturing and resupply capabilities, beyond the capabilities of any vessel.

  • Fortress Base
  • Command Base
  • Deep Space Station
  • Shipyard