Library Database

The library acts as a reference for all TSN officers. Within the library are documents outlining everything a TSN officer is required to know, or may need to know during their career. It includes extensive reference documents such a mission guidelines and protocols, duty shift protocols and station guides as well as training documents for all levels, from officer cadets to command officers.

Stellar Cartography

Mission Guidelines and Protocols

These documents are specifically written as guidance for officers actively deployed in the field. They outline current tactical thinking and procedures and protocols for operating with other ships including order reference documents and communications protocols.

General Guidelines and Protocols

These documents give information and guidance on normal day-to-day activities during active service.

Crew Assignments

The above document shows all current crew assignments for the officers of the 4th Light Division.

Key Form

For Award Nominations, Crew Assignment requests, Specialty Change, Absence Report, Duty Officer Application and Information Request use the below form

TSN Officer Ranks

The TSN maintains a strict hierarchical structure. At each level, officers are required to be more experienced and more knowledgeable, and therefore take on greater responsibilities.

Officer Training

After graduating from the Academy, officers are expected to continue their own personal development and training. The TSN has produced a number of documents to assist officers in their personal studies.

Awards & Commendations

There are three types of award available; specialization Pins, awarded for demonstrating expertise; ribbons, awarded to recognise officers commitment; and medals, the most prestigious honours to be awarded to an officer.