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    As you know, there is a quarterly newsletter called “Off-Duty” which is produced and emailed out. We are now on Off-Duty, Issue 3 and I’d like to know if anyone has any ideas about, or would like to contribute to, the content of it. Content would need to be in keeping with the theme of the newsletter, which is based around the idea of a Division newsletter that sends out relevant updates and announcements for enlisted TSN Officers. The tone is relatively serious (think broadsheet newspaper rather than tabloid) and focused around current story arcs that we are playing through.
    There are a couple of main sections of Off-Duty: a “Regulars” column and a recent news column,

    The “Regulars” column of content that is repeated each cycle. This currently includes: Award Announcements, Points of Interest and Assignment Opportunities. There is scope for adding new regular articles if someone has a suitable idea and is able to commit to multiple articles over a longer period (one article every four week cycle)

    In addition to the Regulars section, the opening section of the Newsletter outlines recent news and developments. These link back specifically to story arcs and missions that the Division is participating in and aim to analyse or add more depth to these arcs. If someone has an idea they think would suit or wants to write an article to include, but doesn’t want to commit on a regular basis, this would be the opportunity to do so.

    One final note, submitting something doesn’t guarentee its inclusion in the Newsletter. This could be for multiple reasons (such as another similar article already submitted) and where something isn’t included I’ll aim to give an explanation as to why.

    Oh, and don’t worry too much if you struggle with spelling and grammar. I should be able to correct/ edit most pieces of work if required.

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