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    Hi I played for the first time last week. I recall the first ship was basically a missile boat and the crew was pretty casual and fun to play with. The second ship was mostly beams/knife fighter kind of ship.

    I think one was the Horizon (beams?) and the other was the Viper (missiles?)

    Is there a resource here on TSN that I can use as a reference to tell which ship is which please?

    Or if someone could just reply and let me know it would be appreciated thanks!


    Hi, Tilt,

    glad to have you with us!

    TSN Horizon is a Valkyrie class, light missile cruiser with a long view.
    TSN Viper has powerful fangs.

    One place that gives a hint is the Crew Assignments Document.

    The Office of Naval Intelligence has had a project underway for some time to create a vessel database. The draft version of the TSN section is temporarily available at Vessels of the TSN.

    Further encrypted data is accessible to those with adequate clearance and technical ability in the vesseldata.xml repository of standard console installations.

    Conrad Matsiyan
    C.O. TSN Viper

    Matthew Vaj

    In addition to Matsiyan’s link, this one has a bunch of somewhat useful information. I think it’s slightly out of date, but it shows beam arcs, ordnance loadouts, turnrate, and the like, most of which (for TSN vessels at least) should be within reasonable deviation.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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