Tuor Elanesse

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    Tuor Elanesse

    Birth: Terra
    Age: 27
    Race: New-Dawn Human

    After the long Civil Wars happened in his country and the 20 years long Euroasian Wars, Elanesse Family migrated from Terra to Ceres to search for new opportunities in the water pumping stations there. They have lost everything and their nation; The Turks were cornered by other ethnic groups during the Civil Wars resulting their genocide.

    Through poverty and hardship, when he came of age, the youngest of the house Tuor Elanesse decided to join the Terran Stellar Navy to raise money for their family.
    After long years filled with strict education and training he was assigned as Ensign to TSN Falcon where he met Captain Xavier Wise, not knowing that this captain and the 2nd Fleet 4th Light Division that he is responsible for, will change his life radically.

    He slowly earned ranks through years and applied for Executive Officer position on TSN Falcon. Served there for a long time gaining experience by Captain Xavier and then applied to move to TSN Osiris to gain experience under Captain Alice. After Osiris he served as XO officer on TSN Phoenix along with Captain Brenner and in his autobiography he describes these year as “amazing”.

    After Phoenix, in the middle of the Long Bar Conflict he was promoted to Commander Rank and assigned to TSN Hawk as captain. After a long servitude, in one of those exploration missions he was captured by enemy forces and held hostage for a year.

    He has found by local patrol forces in a lonely station dazed and confused; mostly brainwashed with gaps in his memories about his captivity and escape. After a long theraphy sessions and training he has been given his old rank and successfully integrated into his beloved fleet once again.

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