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    It has occurred to me that there might be people who complain about the missions in one way or another. I’m guilty of it, myself, as evidenced by my last log. I’d like to do what I can to help out.

    I am here, officially requesting information on C&C duties. I’d like to learn what goes on in C&C, who designs the missions and long-term story arcs, what tools are used, tricks of the trade, etc. Maybe open the forum to the officers who don’t run the missions but might have some input as to what makes an enjoyable mission for them.

    This isn’t something that I’d like to do every time, but I think I wouldn’t mind an occasional turn at it, even if it’s a day where we split the fleet. I have already set up a g2.8 Amazon Web Server and have a working copy of the TSN version of Artemis on it.

    Who do I contact? Who can mentor me?


    Lt. Jr. Donovan,

    Myself and my colleagues in the Office of Naval Intelligence can assist you in learning how CIC officers advise and communicate with TSN assets in the field. As to an open discussion of Intelligence matters, most of these matters are classified to members of the Office of Naval Intelligence only, although some of it can be safely divulged if you specify what it is you wish to know.

    If you wish to attend the next duty shift’s Intelligence meeting, let me know.


    Lt. Cmdr. Zelreich
    2nd Flt. 4th Light Div.
    XO, TSN Phoenix
    Deputy Director of the Office of Naval Intelligence

    John van Leigh

    As the one responsible for preparing the State of the Division report, I too would like to know what kind of stuff do people want to know.

    I think that if someone at ONI, or even the command staff, could write short reports about what the hell are we doing at the campaign or about our status, it’d clarify a bit for people are somewhat lost.

    Also, if there’s other information junior officers need to be aware of (I tend to forget, I left the lower deks myself a long time ago), such as DO periods, I’ll be glad to include it.


    I mentioned on another post (one of the logs) about Hall and I working together on an intel report. This was something Hall was writing and it was still in the trail phases, hence why it has not been public or released. It depends on a number of things including whether it is feasible to write them each week. What was created was high quality and I think I will release previous ones for people to check out.


    Donovan, if you want to spend some time outside the duty shift working with the sim, I’ll happily help. We could do it mid shift too, but seeing as Lancer is vital to the work we do, that might not be such a good call! 😉

    The alternative to a written document might be a short debrief at the end of the shift to all officers outlining achievements and developments. That way everyone is involved, although it won’t drive people here.


    // I am interested to keep improving my comfort with the GM console and executing ideas.

    I have had the same issue with understanding the overall arc or even the mission of a single shift because sometimes if you blink during the briefing you can miss a key detail.

    I am much more comfortable now I am part of ONI.

    Since I was struggling to master the console for the pre-escort part of the mission, I did not do a great job of explaining what was going on (Mundy pointed out that I ummed and aahed a lot during CIC communications). So to try and make it up I posted a view from the NPC side.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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