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    Jemel Eahain

    Hi guys long over due but i have been going through the old training manuals and updating them slightly,
    first 2 manuals to get a tweek were the helm and weapons basics, some text and pictures just to show some p shock info, noting too drastic but check it out, also snuck a little something in that should start to show up more often, let me know if you can see it and what you think.

    Basic Training

    Also if you guys come across anything that looks odd or has been missed give me a shout


    Blaze Strife

    The new station icon look nice.

    In the Weapons document, the second page is duplicated.

    But good job!

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    Jemel Eahain

    sorted cheers blaze

    John van Leigh

    Also, there are some contradictions on the Weapons document. For example, the Homing section describes a range of 5400, while later the Ordnance section says all torpedoes have a range of 5000, which is the definition of Combat Range.

    It’s relatively small (and really, if a senior officer puts together a plan that relies on a difference of 400 units to work, something’s horribly wrong), but that stuff may be evaluated.

    Jemel Eahain

    good catch van leigh, i sorted that and the maximum travel for torpedos now


    With torpedoes, perhaps we should look at the time it takes to detonate. The reason why the distance increased was because the speed increased. The total distance travelled is 5400, but that isn’t just in a straight line. Does anyone know the ‘flight time’ of a torpedo, i.e how long it goes for until it disappears? Perhaps that could be added?


    It may be worth noting in the helm document under the “Reverse” heading that warp engines cannot be engaged while the impulse engines are set to reverse. That’s a pretty common mistake among new helms officers. Also of note is the fact that beams are also disabled when a ship is docked, not just jump drive.

    You may want to consider mentioning the fuel collection system as well, specifically the speed at which a helms officer has to set the engines in order to engage them.


    I don’t know the flight time of a torpedo, but I can look into it. That said, torpedoes are still most definitely controlled by a timer instead of a maximum distance. I tried manual firing some ordinance around a black hole to see if I could get the gravity well to slingshot it around and hit the target, but the missile timed out before it hit the target and well before it traveled 5k.

    Edit: Shoulda just done the research first. Torpedo flight time looks like it’s ~18 seconds.

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