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    Blaze Strife

    There robots have been mentioned several times, so I think it might be beneficial to add them to the cannon.

    Excerpt from INT.->INTEL>Release of Black box Message TSN Hydra 1 of ?:

    The skutters are assisting us to prep the ship I’ll have to go soon.

    Excerpt from Log Matsiyan 5316-2237:

    Polano was enjoying himself tinkering with new tech toys though. These were advanced semi-autonomous, light duty robots. They are able to handle some routine cleaning and maintenance tasks without supervision. They also make a great assistant for working it awkward places, able to hand over the right tool, carry away debris, apply pressure with their light manipulator arms where it would be awkward for a crewman, operate in a toxic cloud and so on. The tech leads working with them had nicknamed them “skutters”, partly because they sometimes seemed to scuttle about and partly because they got all the unpleasant “skut” work. I could see them being very useful in a warp core incident while DC headed to the lifepods.

    Excerpt from Short story Blaze 5316-2237:

    In the docking bay of the TSN Raven, Blaze’s attention was drawn towards the enlisted officers loading up equipment aboard the TSN Raven, as they were shouting “We’ve got another batch of skutters here!”

    Blaze wondered what they were talking about, so he approached them and asked “Chief petty officer, what are those skutters you’re loading aboard the ship?”

    The chief petty officer turned around, saw the person asking was a commissioned officer and promptly responded with a salute and answered “They are the new robots, sir. We call them skutters.”

    “The new robots?” Blaze paused, then remembered the report he skimmed through earlier. “They are officially called Chovyek’s STROYs, isn’t that right, officer?” asked Blaze, unsure if they are speaking of the same machines.

    The petty officer winced at the name and answered “Yes, sir.”

    Blaze thought to himself for another second, then asked “I’ve read a bit about them, but can you tell me more? And do tell me where did the nickname comes from.”

    The officer was quick to responded “Yes, sir. They are semi-autonomous machines that are intended to do routine cleaning and maintenance work, so we can focus on more important tasks. We started calling them skutters because they of their short steps. They scuttle, sir.”

    That made sense to Blaze, so he dismissed the officer “Got it. Thank you, officer. Don’t let me keep you any longer.”

    “Thank you, sir.” replied the chief petty officer, saluting once more and returning to navigating the loading of the crates and robots, while Blaze continued on to board the Raven.

    Excerpt from The Bar:

    I am glad that there was a reduced crew on board. Looks like they planned to minimize interference in their plans by deploying those experimental upgraded skutters to reduce the on duty personnel.

    Jemel Eahain

    as long as they are just assisting bots not hole damcon teams, i had a conversation with the developer ages ago, he all ways wanted the dam cons to be considered human so players would not just throw there lives away, they have to be looked after aswell as the ship as a hole.


    I can see having some kind of automated stuff on board, but nothing really clever like androids or astromechs or other such tech. Since the tech already exists for things like automated vacuum cleaners, or those robots that can be controlled via human input (exploration subs, bomb disposal units etc), it wouldn’t be much of an extension of this kind of technology (just a duplicate or refinement really). Perhaps the USFP puts a limit on AI technology so as not fall into the same situation as the Arvonians. That and a truly artificial intelligence might not be all that safe with the Arvonian AI being its nearest neighbor.


    Last two posts nailed it. Not too helpful and not replacing humans. As an engineer, one of the first cool bits of RP was the realization of how the damcon teams are affected. I have referred to it less as it was getting morbid. Thanks to Solari for first bringing it into the fiction.

    I wrote the definition above in a personal log exactly to limit their usefulness while at the same time addressing a lot of very warmly expressed concerns for the crew of Hydra when she was stolen and destroyed with all hands.

    Also, let’s face it. We do not want references to Red Dwarf to get too comical.

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