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    Adele Mundy

    *to Matsiyan*
    I’m glad you enjoyed it. My own grandmother, unfortunately, would have been distraught that she wasn’t drinking out of crystal, and would never have realised what the wine was…

    I hope Cmdr. Jemel is all right. It _was_ a tough shift. We could check MedBay in case he isn’t.
    *gets datapad and taps away*
    //and waits for response before determining someone else’s status//

    *To Blaze, with honest curiosity*
    But is there anywhere left where public transport isn’t fully automated?

    Blaze Strife

    *to Mundy, surprised*
    Of course there is. Even on the old Earth. Not all regions of the planet are advanced enough to have automated transport.

    John van Leigh

    No idea. When I got the order “coordinate fire with Lancer” I expected to see Jemel on the comms net and was about to request orders, then I saw Das. He seemed to do fine on the outside, but nothing on my reports and briefings for today hints at him. All around, this week is a clusterfuck.

    Adele Mundy

    *even more surprised, back at Blaze*
    Really? On Paragon, we mostly relied on the trains, in urban areas. I loved those trains, they seemed to take no time at all. There were cars, but they were self-driving. Nobody needed to learn to drive unless they specifically wanted to, so I didn’t. I suppose it shows…


    Has anyone seen Wade? I ran into him as I was heading here. He just got back from that special assignment. I broke the news to him and I think he’ll be here as soon as he’s grabbed a shower.

    Gabriel Wade

    *steps through the doors of the bar and glances around until he sees the familiar faces from his division. He stops over at the bar to grab a beer before moving to sit at the table with the others. He nods a brief greeting to them all then lowers his eyes to the table for a moment in somber silence before speaking up.*

    “Not to understate the situation, but it sounds like I missed quite a lot on assignment. *tips his bottle toward Matsiyan* Thanks for briefly catching me up on that. *nods to van Leigh* Sorry to hear about the Phoenix. I hope she’ll spread her firey wings again soon.”


    Perfect, now you show up.

    *Glares. Goes to take a drink. Realizes that the glass is empty. Glaring intensifies*

    After $#!% has hit the fan.

    Gabriel Wade

    *raises a brow at Aramond, attempting to gauge his level of inebriation*

    “Hey pal, it wasn’t my call to schedule a secret weapons test at the same time as my other assignment. Had I been able to, I would have been aboard the Raven when this went down.”

    *he pauses to take a swig of beer and looks ahead in brief contemplation*

    “But… I’m not sure I would have contradicted Xavier’s order if I had been.”

    *looks at Aramond squarely*

    “A weapon with the destructive capability that Matsiyan described to me… The idea to build something like that should never have even been -entertained-, let alone carried forward into action.”

    Adele Mundy

    *with the faintest hint of “Librarian In Shushing Mode”*
    Gentlemen, let’s keep this civil.
    *adds, a little wearily*
    We go where we’re assigned, all of us. And yes, it would have been better if that weapon had never been contemplated, let alone developed. Sometimes I wonder whether they surgically remove people’s common sense before they let them into R&D…


    That wasn’t supposed to happen! How is everyone missing that? The scientists were just as surprised as we were, and we killed ’em for it. Someone put a decimal point in th’ wrong place, and what’s our response? Throw a nuke at them!

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