The Bar, 3319-2237

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    Adele Mundy

    Mundy strides to the bar in the Bar.

    Guy, Hjocoa, laced with two shots of brandy if you please.

    She sighs, and sits at a bar stool.

    If I have to tell one more alien delegation, “Welcome to Promethean Station; I am Lt.Cmdr. Mundy of the 4th Light Division, and I am assigned to be your liaison officer during this conference. If you encounter any difficulties please do not hesitate to report them to me”… Voiddammit, the things people consider “difficulties”…

    Guy hands over a large mug of Hjocoa. Mundy accepts it with a grateful sigh, and breathes in its heavenly aroma.

    Guy, if I believed in any form of deity, I would assume you to be their messenger, and build a shrine in your honour. As things stand, I may have to recommend you to Promethean Command for whatever medal is awarded to people who rescue TSN officers in dire distress.

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