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    As many of you know, during the shift last night the teamspeak server went down temporarily. It did start operating normally towards the end of the shift. The issue seems to have been on the provider’s end.

    Thank you to those who helped keep the shift running and looked for a solution, in particular Davis and Wilcon who helped with figuring out a back up.

    We did manage to bring a back up teamspeak server online, and the Senior Officers will be investigating several options to create redundancies in case it happens again. We will also be looking at a way to communicate should the main server go down again and we need to change to the backup, likely using the messaging system in Artemis to ensure everyone playing gets the message, along with discord posts and forum messages. Once we have a solid plan of action, we shall share this with the group.

    Again, thank you to those that helped keep the shift going, and to those that soldiered on through to the end.

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