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    I’ve been running a combat maneuver for some time that I would like to recommend as a possible new “official” combat maneuver for individual ships. Basically, it’s an Echo 2, but you lead off with an EMP strike first. So, weapons loads an EMP and a Mine. Once you reach missile range, weapons fires EMP, engineering boosts torpedoes to maximum, and weapons replaces the EMP with a mine. Once EMP has detonated, helm executes an Echo 2 maneuver.

    It’s a devastating attack to combine the two, and since our ships tend to have more mines, it’s like having more chances to unleash the power of an Omega 3. Plus, if you time it really well, you can spread the damage out with well timed mine drops. It’s very similar to Fleet Attack Pattern Foxtrot 1, except that in this case it’s for an individual ship.

    I was thinking it could be called an Omega 4, since the Omega patterns progressively get stronger in the type of ordnance used. I also didn’t think it belonged in the Echo group because the Echo number just refers to the number of mines to use. We don’t seem to have many combat orders that use EMPs, so I thought this might be a good addition.

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    Also, while we’re on the topic, it might be good to discuss the possibility of doing some experimenting with the new Plasma Shock torpedoes when we are able to update to the current version of the client. When I suggested those get added to the game at Artemis Armada, I had it in mind to have a new very specialized weapon like the EMPs. Thom liked the idea and I was amazed to see them added, and I’d love to see the TSN put them to use, and maybe work them into some combat maneuvers. My original idea was to have a weapon that did very little damage to shields but lots of damage to the hull. Thom’s version just does damage to the hull, which I guess is ok. But the practicality may be that they aren’t useful unless they can do a little bit of damage to the shields. If that’s the case, I’ll mention it to him next time we talk.

    Just a thought… 🙂

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