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    In my most recent log, I mentioned that the current state of the Stellar Cartography records can be troublesome. There are entire systems in very low resolution, making it hard to plot a course in a timely manner. While I mean no disrespect to those who put it together, this simply won’t do. I’d prefer to take a science vessel out to start this project, but I’ve been told that, because we’re at war, the personnel cannot be spared.

    Because I have time on my hands, been drinking, and am annoyed; I have put together the following. I have gone through the five systems in our part of space and recorded the locations of important stations and jump gates. Location has been broken down by system, sector, sub-sector, and numerical coordinates. If requested, I can put together a similar list of space stations and minor points of interest.

    I hope that the senior officers and anyone else using the Stellar Cartography will find this useful.

    –Lt Jr Aramond, TSN Raven

    Atlantis System:
    Atlantis Command (II, C3, mark 4)
    Gate Control (II, C3, mark 7)
    Arietus Gate (III, D3, mark 4)
    Cerberus Gate (I, C3, mark 9)

    Cerberus System:
    Cerberus Command (III, D4, mark 4)
    Forward Command (I, C4, mark 3)
    Gate Control (II, A3, mark 9)
    Antara Gate (VIII, D3, mark 5)
    Arrin Gate (VI, C3, mark 2)
    Atlantis Gate (II, B4, mark 3)
    Hjordan gate (VII, C4, mark 4)
    Kraenda Gate (I, A5, mark 4)
    Promethean Gate (IV, B2, mark 1)

    Cronus System:
    Erebus Gate (VIII, C3, mark 6)
    Kalixa Gate (X, C2, mark 3)
    Promethean Gate (I, B2, mark 9)

    Hjordan System:
    Arrin Gate (VII, C3, mark 4)
    Cerberus Gate (VI, B4, mark 9)

    Promethean Syetem
    Promethean Command (VII, B4, mark 2)
    Forward Command (XI, B2, mark 1)
    Cerberus Gate (VI, D2, mark 2)
    Cronus Gate (XI, D2, mark 9)
    Volantis Gate (VIII, B4, mark 7)


    That is most excellently useful. Bravo, sir! Bravo!


    Good work Aramond.

    Stllar cartography is definatly something that needs work. The maps will be updated in due time.

    Leonard Hall


    Lewis Remmick

    I’m thinking of taking your data, and making an editable document for easy reference for each system, if that’s all right. Some day. When I have time.


    Hmm, throwing an excel document up on Google Drive would work well. Lets see how bored I get tonight.

    But if you want to use the data, feel free. I can hardly lay claim to it.

    Lewis Remmick

    Drive had its own spreadsheets. I’d just use that.

    Lewis Remmick
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