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    Blaze Strife

    This might have been discussed before, but shouldn’t people who came from other RP groups, and that have recognizable experience (like Slate) be awarded with a higher starting rank?

    It seems Slate is miles ahead of me in the terms of knowledge, and has played the game for quite a while, yet we’re both ensigns. Putting her in command of a jump ship as an ensign breaks the RP, but she’s probably (by what I can read out of the posts) quite suited for it, and could be given the rank of an Lt. In RP terms, we can easily say she transferred, just like van Leigh did, after del Pino died.

    Jemel Eahain

    its not always as simple as you make out,
    not every one who plays with the tsn is aware of everyone in the usn or other groups and you end up with problems of people who have been around for ages working there way up the ladder feeling displaced by those who come in and a straight away are further up,
    you have to start somewhere and learn our fleet protocol and integrate with the frame work we operate under you cant have officers who know little about tsn fleet protocol or combat orders above other ranked officers.
    on top of that you have groups who no one knows about wanting to join and we have no reference to there level of expertise how can they be justified a higher rank?
    people with the right skills and attitude rise to the top quick, from passing my ensign exam to making senior staff taken me 9 months and some have done it quicker,
    the del pino to van leigh is totally different because we all know who it is behind the name

    Blaze Strife

    Makes sense. Thanks.


    Jemel stated it well I think.

    The practise has always been that, no matter what experience or expertise, everyone starts as a cadet. Every single person (bar one) has started from the rank of cadet. Even those that joined when I first created the TSN RP Community had to start at that rank, and go through the same process of examination and elevation through the ranks as we use today.

    It is not so much how good someone plays or what they know of the game, rather what they know of our group and how it works. Those of the highest ranks know the principles on which the group is founded and uphold them. This is only something that you can gain through being a member over a long period.

    Everyone I hope feels valued of course,and the experiences, knowledge and ideas people bring help progress us further. At the same time, there is a shared vision and goals for the community which are held and driven forward by the senior officers. Each one is more than capable in command of course and of taking on any role on a ship,that is a requirement.

    John van Leigh

    I have to agree as well. The old USN had many regulations in place for people transfering from the TSN, as it was a splinter faction having people transfer with full rank was acceptable and, in fact, desired. Now, the reverse route is not quite as simple.

    An important aspect of the TSN is the RP, more so than in any other group. People might transfer knowing how to operate a ship, but a certain knowledge of our protocols is essential (and I personally believe it’s the main advantage of the Ensign exam).

    Now, as I like to play devil’s advocate, let me raise a counterargument: when I returned from my year-old-leave, I did so (as del Pino) with full seniority, which meant I effectively bypassed all promotions of everyone who worked that time.


    If you’ll allow me to counter your counterpoint. You said it yourself, you didn’t enter the group for the first time, you returned. You’ve already put your time in, and proven yourself. And the other seniors obviously trusted that you could get yourself quickly caught up with any new tactics or events you missed in the interim.

    Now I’ll admit when you, and later Brenner, turned up out of nowhere, I was confused and a little annoyed (please don’t take this personally, I’m kind of a dick) for the same reasons you stated. But it would have been even more unfair to you to have to start all over again.

    John van Leigh

    Well, I was offered a chance to take a demotion (when I became van Leigh, destroyer of ships), and I was honestly going to take it. Then I remembered that, if something is worth doing, it has to be done right; so if I was to take a step back and abandon my duties I could as well resign and leave an open spot for someone talented. Obviously I did not.

    But I wasn’t exactly on administrative leave, I was on the third-in-command spot of a rival RP.

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