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    Matthew Vaj

    There was some mention of someone having Security Clearance level 6 as a Lt. or Lt. Jr. at some point during the Avronian spies’ infiltration and attack of Lt. Blaze, and then someone said that was the level of an Admiral (if I remember correctly). Has this been standardized yet, and what ranks correspond to what Security Clearances? Some topics in the Command Centre state that they are classified at Level 3, but I could access them even as a cadet. How does this all fit together?

    John van Leigh

    I think the issue came not from the grade itself, but from what was said inmediately afterwards (the person responsible was an ONI member) claiming to be inmediately below an Admiral. Basically, a Lt or Lt-cdr was stepping on the heads of Xavier, any captain in the TSN, a lot of commanders, and some others using an Intelligence clearance.

    Now, we all understand intelligence needing some secrecy, but it’s absurd to have them above their CO.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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