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    I am seeking some help for ideas about scan points which have recently been added to the TSN Sandbox.

    Scan points are green markers that can appear in the sector and can be scanned by a science officer to get information about sensor readings within the area. This way, science officers have something to look out for and can report information back to the captain. This information might give clues to recent activity in the area, e.g. an energy signature from a Kralien ship.

    I want to make these scan points interesting to read for science officers and have the information relayed back to the captain to give something that can be RP’d in game. For example:

    1st Scan text (displayed when spawned) – Energy Signatures detected
    2nd Scan text (displayed after point has been scanned by science) – Indication of Kralien Ion trail.

    1 Scan text – Thermal signature detected
    2nd Scan text – Infra-red signature emanating from life processes. Readings indicate outer shell protecting creature. Analysis: Kralien repair lifeform. (this example links with canon about Kralien ships)

    What I’d like is for ideas about what scan text we could add, particularly for the 2nd Scan text. This needs to be something that we can all understand/ interpret and link with established canon. It could also be more obscure readings to give a hint of something (particle readings, trace energy signatures, thermal readings) and link to the canon we have. The scan text has to be relatively short to fit comfortably in the box.

    Please post your suggestions below!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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