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    Rodger Wilcon

    To: Ensign Rodger Wilcon
    From: Junior Researcher Rodger Wilcon
    Topic: Mirror-Universe Selves

    Dear Ensign Rodger Wilcon,

    First thing, holy carp this is absolutely amazing. Parallel, mirror, branching and other different types of universes have been theorized for literal centuries, and before we had no way of knowing if they actually existed, but this is revolutionary, we actually know that different universes are possible, this opens soooo many doors. I wish I could meet you, I really do, but it seems like we’ll be pretty much unable to meet, since we probably couldn’t be in the same universe, with the possible threat of collapsing timelines, us both annihilating each other if we touch, or the entire universe imploding, but let’s not go there.

    I should probably introduce myself, I’m you, you’re me, but we’re not each other, we are the same yet different. Hi, I’m Rodger Wilcon, I work as a Junior Researcher at the Saturn Orbital Imperial Science Institute, studying Xenobiology and Xenoculture under Doctor Joseph Peretior, nice guy, very straightforward, although a mega-geek over language studies, he’s probably learned every language ever used on Earth, with the Xenolanguages being his next target. I pretty much look the same as you, although it was a rude awakening when I woke up taller than I was and with your short hair, I’m used to nearly waist-long hair. And speaking of rude awakenings, I was on transit to one of the deep-space research outposts that the 4th Hunter Division was passing by, so I got a lift on one of their ships, but as soon as the crew got a whiff of me being interested in Xenoculture and biology I was thrown into the ship’s brig due to me being a “Xenophile”, so sorry about the low bunk, it hurt pretty bad the past couple times I woke up and banged my head, I expect it was even worse for you when we switched, the bunks at your Academy have got to be at least two times larger.

    So we’re pretty much opposites when it comes to looks, apart from the face and skin color, for some reason the face is pretty much identical. You should already know all of this by the time you see this message, but in case you couldn’t get out of that brig and find a mirror, I’m 5’4”, or 163 cm since you use the old metric system, dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and weigh roughly 110 lbs, 62.155 kg in old metric. As I’ve already said, I’m absolutely fascinated by Xenobiology and culture, which has gotten me into scrapes more than once, thankfully the Saturn Orbital Imperial Science Institute has a sort of immunity to laws involving restriction of Xeno-studies, so the Institute is a sort of safe haven for me, especially because I don’t like taking orders or directions. You’ve probably already noticed that I can be a bit scatterbrained, but I try, usually unsuccessfully, to keep the jumping about to a minimum. I want there to be peace with the Xenos, I personally don’t think that we have any reason to fear or hunt them, and from what I’ve seen the ISN hunts them like wild animals. Compared to our universe it really seems like your universe is heaven, everybody at least tries to get along, instead of being constantly at each other’s throats, and your TSN acts more like a law keeping force, while our ISN acts more like a conquering and suppressing army.

    Over the past couple of days of I’ve been attending your classes, thankfully no major assignments or tests have shown up, I’ve taken as many notes as possible and snuck a vidcorder into the classes just in case, so hopefully you can pick up relatively easily. Just in case you don’t either find this file or message, I’ve set up a checksum overload to post this message through your comms net, just to bring it to your attention, I don’t know exactly when it’ll upload though.

    See yourself on the other side,
    Jr. Researcher Rodger Wilcon

    Matthew Vaj

    // Hahahaha That is fantastic! Nicely done!

    Rodger Wilcon

    // Plus a bit more background, and the explanation for why Wilcon never really appears on any of the ships is basically he’s locked in the brig for the entire story-line, automated feeder and all, and nobody finds him and lets him out.

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