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    Lewis Remmick

    While I’m compiling the guide, what is some of the useful lexicon for newcomers? I was going to create a section for terminology we use, and what it means to make that easier.

    Most of it is RP, for example:
    -Command Codes = IP Address
    -Console = Computer
    -Uniform = the |xxx appendage to our name in TS.

    I’m not talking about things like our attack patterns or maneuvers. That is covered elsewhere.

    What are some other terms that I’m forgetting that would be useful for newcomers to know coming in to things?


    Here’s the Cadet Protocol and Procedures Guide that Xavier recently made available. It covers a little of what you’re saying, but could do with some simplifying for use in a primer.

    I just can’t continue to stress enough coming in with what sounds like a real name. (No Cadet Xx_masterblade42_XxX, thank you very much)

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    I agree heartily with Aramond. Real sounding name with an initial capital unless it is some kind of exotic alien like “t’Krang” or “gebbens”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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