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    John van Leigh

    You’ll notice by this point that officers, the higher they are on the chain of command and allowing for aberrations such as van Leigh, tend to be less centered in reality, leading to much wackiness.

    How’s this relevant? You see, there are things that, if possible, you’re better off bringing up to our attention. So, if you were a duty officer and never received a ribbon, or were onboard a ship destroyed in combat (mission) besides Hawk and Lancer, send a request.

    Also, you’re welcome to submit any award nomination, as always. Here’s the form.

    Blaze Strife

    Is it okay to write it here?

    I’ve been an ADO/DO and didn’t receive a ribbon.

    I’ve also been cramped in a lifepod after running from a burning ship with the rest of the crew. Don’t remember which one, though. May be Phoenix.

    John van Leigh

    Just to clarify, I don’t think any DO received ribbons during the last couple of months. We’re just compiling the list for the awards ceremony. But yeah, raising your name here will do just fine.


    Whom should we contact about pins for the Ensign’s exam? (I don’t see my silver pin on my record.)

    Jemel Eahain

    Some duty officers have had there record updated the last cycle or 2 might not have been prossessed yet, I don’t think we are giving anything out to ado’so at this point,

    John van Leigh

    When we approved the month-long DO cycle we changed the description of the DO ribbon so that you only needed one rotation (as opposed to multiple times on the job). We never even thought about an ADO award. No idea why.

    Ensign pins are Jemel’s area. I’m fairly certain that on your officer record (that is, the document we use to keep track of you all) they are updated, and also I know for sure that we have a copy of the results. I have no idea how often those are updates, but keep in mind that it’s just one duty among many others he has.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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