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    For you who don’t know, I am… was a captain of the fleet.
    I’ve more or less left because I found myself knowing Artemis too well to be able to enjoy it. After a few years of active play the content no longer peeked my interest, and Artemis was not updated very frequently.

    That said TSN have by far been the best RP-experience I’ve ever seen. And I’ve tried to check in on its development from time to time.

    I’ve since my time in TSN went through the best game programming education my country had to offer. During the education we (me, in cooperation with four other programmers, a bunch of artist, and a few designers, of varying skill) released several games of increasing complexity. At the end of it we developed a multiplayer shooter in C++ (consisting of client, server, directX graphics-engine, physX, fmod…).
    Since a year and a half back I’ve worked as a game programmer in Unity/C# (and a little bit of C for a Unity plugin). The game I work on have 15 million registered users, and is realtime and 3D. I’m not sharing more info on a semi-public forum, due to being afraid of (really bothersome) kids stalking me.

    Since before I stopped being active in TSN I’ve wanted to to make something like Artemis, tailored for RP.
    I’ve made a few prototypes, but realized that I don’t have time to pull it off, or even be the driving force behind such a project in the near future.

    I heard of some Unity project being started in the community, but don’t know what happened to it.

    Can I be of any assistance on anything in line with my vision?
    I’m interested in a more in-depth space bridge simulator than Artemis.
    I’d also like to support TSN in any way I can.

    I’m available as a programmer or consultant for several hours a week, but usually not several work days.
    I’m not willing to work on commercial projects without getting paid (pay or equity).
    I’m not willing to work on project which have no chance of being completed. (This is quite common among indie and amateur devs.)
    I’m expecting any project I assist to respect third party license agreements.

    – Cpt. Gomric


    *raises hand*

    Hope it goes better than the last time 😛


    Haha… yeah. I’ve tried multiple times, but it’s simply not plausible to pull it off alone while working (or like back then; studying) full-time.

    I really hope that I can pull it off some time though. Either in the future as a commercial thing, or simply together with a bunch of other talented people. =)

    …I mean – I can’t be the only one wanting to do something like this.

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    I think Allard has a similar thing going.


    is the project you are thinking of empty epsilon? I am unsure of the current status of it – the online presence seems either idle or dead, but I know people used to do stuff with it – if nothing else it may be a foundation for something.

    I am unsure what would be planned but am happy to consider helping on programming projects.


    I’m not thinking about any named project in particular. I remember vaguely what Aposine mentioned – that Allard was up to “something”.

    I’ve monitored this thread daily, but won’t anymore.

    If anyone want to contact me you can reach me through Aposine of Fish.

    I’ll resurrect this thread in 6-12 months if I achieve serious progress on my network solution (which I perceive as the major challenge, and a good start in making a space bridge sim).

    Cpt. Gomric, out.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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