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    I have just recently joined this forum in an effort to seek some help.

    I have recently gotten into Artemis and bought the latest version from the Artemis website.

    I have downloaded your latest version of the TSN Expansion mod from:

    and followed the installation instructions.

    When I run the server and load the “V3 TSN Sandbox” script I see the message pop up about “Initialising ship systems…”. In time that message disappears and I am faced with an empty sky box image. I have to hit ESC and re-spawn my ship to see the black server window finally appear. Then when I start a client, I see my ship and can steer it, but there is nothing on the map. No terrain at all. It’s like the script didn’t continue running and fill the “world” with stuff.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Did I do something wrong in setting it up or is this an incompatibility between the mod and the latest released version of Artemis? A bug in the script perhaps?

    Any help appreciated.



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    Select a gm console and use the menues to run the script. Until you select a specific option,the script will not run. Also, the TSN Sandbox has a more up to date version on the Artemis forums. I haven’t posted V5 yet, but 4.2 is working fine.


    Thanks Xavier.

    I got the vanilla mission file to work.

    I’ll try the full mod and mission file tonight.

    Are there any planets in the stellar cartography database part of the sand box?


    I believe we located three in various sectors of the Euphini Expanse.

    Do you have a cool idea for using planets?

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