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    Jafar Ironclad

    To: Fleet Captain Xavier Wise, CO, TSN Sabre, 2F4LD
    CC: Duty Officer’s Department, Promethean Command
    From: Commander Garta McNallis, Office of Naval Intelligence
    Subject: Temporary Reassignment of Act. Ens. Ironclad

    Fleet Captain Wise,

    We’re writing to inform you that due to a time sensitive intelligence-gathering initiative regarding USF operations, ONI-Regional has summoned your ship’s current Engineering Officer, Acting Ensign Jafar Ironclad, to consult on countering local USF operations in Krisenda.

    As indicated in his personnel file, Act. Ensign Ironclad previously worked as a light cruiser officer in private service to Karliex Enterprises for several years prior to enrolling at the TSN Academy; through this service, he had contacts and connections with several individuals who have since been implicated in recent USF raids in Krisenda, including some in command roles. In order to best prosecute and interrogate the opposition in a timely manner, and due to the rapid pace of ongoing operations, we regret that this redeployment must come on immediate notice. However, we anticipate that we’ll only need Act. Ensign Ironclad’s counsel for a brief time; a week at the most.

    We recommend that you make temporary personnel adjustments to account for Ironclad’s absence, and will strive to return your vessel’s primary Engineer to Promethean Command as soon as we’re done with him.


    Cmdr. Garta McNallis
    Office of Naval Intelligence, Regional HQ

    Adam Parra

    Welcome Ironclad!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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