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    Hello everyone!

    I just started getting into Artemis and I’m exploring opportunities to play :).

    I see that you play every Saturday at 20:00 UTC – is that all “official” games, or do you host also other sessions? (like training?)

    I also noticed, that you are using (or used in the past?) some kind of “TSN mod” – is it absolutely required to join? Does it work with an iOS or Android version?

    Jayce Gideon

    During our standard duty shifts (@20:00 UTC) we have both Missions (which affect the story) and Simulations (which usually don’t influence the story in any significant way). Simulations can occur outside of these duty shifts, though they are largely unscheduled.

    Yes, we do use a mod for our sessions; to my knowledge, it does not work on mobile devices and is required due to the large amount of alterations and additions made to the standard game.


    The mod definitely will only work on a PC. The mobile versions of the game can’t be modified.


    Thanks for quick answers!

    It’s a pity, that I can’t use my iPad (I use my TV/PC for the main screen and iPad for the station).

    As I intend to play with unmodified version occasionally, is there a quick and painless way to enable/disable the mod? Or will I have to reinstall the game every time?

    Is there a place where you list additional simulation sessions? Or are they completely spontaneous?


    Forgot to mention, that I use Steam version.


    Welcome M’Thias!

    The mod does indeed come with a disable/enable feature. Once you get that installed, one of us would be happy to point it out to you.

    We actually use a previous version of Artemis during our duty shifts: 2.1.1
    If you need it, I believe I have the installer to that version on my home computer (I’ll be able to check in an hour or so), so feel free to send me a PM if you want it. I’ll throw it on my dropbox and send you the link.


    I’d recommend making a copy of your Artemis directory {as downloaded from Steam} and five it a “friendly name” {like TSN-Dec}. GO in to there and create a shortcut {I put mine on my desktop_ to Artemis.EXE. Test launch and it should show Artemis v 2.2 (as downloaded from Steam).
    Go HERE to get the v 2,1,1 “upgrade”.
    Run this EXE and point it to the new folder {TSN-Dec, or whatever you called it.} Use Shortcut, should now report itself as v 2.1.1.
    Go HERE to get the TSN mod.
    unzip it into the TSN-Dec folder, overwrite as needed.
    Launch again, should say v 2.1.1 w/ TSN mod v 1.1.3 {currently}. Do that, and you ready to fly.


    I just signed up (currently as civ/casual, as I don’t know what my schedule will look like next year, but I hope it will allow me regular participation). I have played all stations during several in-person Artemis parties, but having now seen several video logs of TSN missions, I now realize how much I have to learn!

    I downloaded 2.2.0 from fastspring and the 1.1.3 mod, along with TeamSpeak3. Is there anything else I need to do to prepare?



    Welcome Draeco!

    The last thing you’re going to need is to downgrade your Artemis install. The TSN mod doesn’t run too well on the latest version. If you actually look at the post Greybeard made on this thread earlier today, you’ll actually see instructions on how to do so, as well as the downgrade file. If you need any help, I’ll be in the Lobby on our TS3 server for the next hour or two. Feel free to flag me down.


    D’oh! I should have seen that, sorry to make you repost. But I do need your help. Downloading the downgrade exe file and installing 2.1.1 to the folder {C://Program Files (x86)/Artemis} apparently went smoothly, but unfortunately the program doesn’t launch — I immediately get the error message, “Artemis.exe has stopped working”. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, no dice. I can still launch 2.2.0 with no problems. Any suggestions?

    As for scheduling of missions, I’ve seen slightly different postings on the exact times, so I just want to double-check. I think the most recent post I saw said that they are Saturdays 20:00-22:00 UTC; is that correct?


    That’s strange. So when you say you’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it, does that mean you ungraded it back to 2.2.0 then tried the downgrade? If so I’d try a fresh install of 2.2.0, redownload the downgrade file (to make sure that there’s nothing wrong with the file) and try applying the downgrade again. If that still doesn’t work, I have a 2.1.1 base installer that I could send your way. Just PM me if you want it.

    As for the scheduling, we play every Saturday 20:00 – 00:00 UTC. We have been known to end earlier or later, though, depending on the mission.

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