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    I have been working on two new documents – Battle Doctrines and Support Operations.

    The Battle Doctrines are an effort to record current approaches to combat situations. They outline how we deploy ships and tackle specific threats.

    The Support Operations are an evolution of the original Scout ops. Instead of being solely for scouts, the operations have been extended to include all support ships. The support ships are defined at the beginning of the document as those specially designed for a specific role, and I have detailed the four main ones below that. After that is an outline of each of the operations that can be used. The idea is that a ship can be assigned a particular operation and then work to fulfill its particular role.

    I have put the support operations document together specifically to respond to the feedback about the use of the missile cruiser. Integrating it within a battle group didn’t always work, and trying to operate independently was challenging as it still had to coordinate with the other ships. The crew made some excellent suggestions on how best to use the missile cruiser and I wanted to include them in the best way possible. Trying to design specialist attack patterns didn’t seem right as these are for battle groups to use to coordinate together. I was reminded of the way we had found it difficult to include the scout in the battle groups and thought that how we use the scout now is incredibly effective and that it might also work for the missile cruiser. As we are now trying out other ship types like the interceptor too, it prompted me to change scout operations to support operations, using the same principles but extending the variety of ops to cover
    all support elements.

    I am organizing these documents, along with others, into a folder called “Operational Guidelines and Protocols”. In here, I will gather together everything we actually use during missions and simulations e.g. combat orders, attack patterns, communications, ops battle doctrines etc etc. I will also be adapting the website so that the links direct straight to the document rather than to web pages with the same information on. Currently, we have a couple of different places where information is. I think having a link to the actual document might be a better option as there is a formal layout to each document, it reduces the load on the website (though that isn’t massive with just text) and just makes everything similar and in one place.

    Take a look and tell me what you think!

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