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    Neimad K

    Personal log, Commander Neimad Korczynski
    Executive Officer, TSN Sabre CL-R-016

    “For an experienced officer, I have a lot to learn,” Korczynski mused as he took in the activity across the bridge. The 4th Light Division had received order to deploy for the Ashia system and the Martian officer had been caught up in the process. Intelligence operations had called on two of their command level officers, Captain Matsiyan and Lieutenant Commander Mundy. The temporary duty as legal advocate had morphed into taking on the Executive Officer post, on a ship class he’d never set foot on, let alone served aboard.

    “Engineering to bridge. Our last DamCon team has boarded.” The eager tones of Ensign Neal Reynolds sounded across the internal comm system and in the absence of the CO, the commander acknowledged the report. They all seemed so young to him, yet apart from Reynolds, none of the officers lacked for experience.

    Had he ever been that young?

    Ready Room, TSN Phoenix CL-262

    “Sir, I have a number of recommendations for your consideration.”

    Commander Huin Gahn’s normally serious expression changed momentarily to include a wry smile as he took in the earnest officer, document reader in hand.

    “Let’s see what you have there, XO.” Gahn waved the officer to a seat as he commenced perusing the medium.

    Lieutenant Korczynski sat on the edge of his seat, as he waited impatiently, before taking the moment of silence as an opportunity to speak. “You’ll note I’ve placed Ensign Werdal on review. However Ensign Far has shown a lot of promise at Tactical and along with Lieutenant Vastair we have a talented team on board. Also with our recent sorties with the Pegasus we could…”

    A raised hand and the lieutenant’s voice trailed off. His head still ensconced in the document, Commander Gahn nodded, then looked up at his XO.

    “I will take these recommendations on board, lieutenant. But,” and he waved the media over the desk, “take some time to get to know the officers you serve with. Duty on a starship isn’t a sprint. You’re the executive officer on an Artemis class ship. She may not be a battleship like Pegasus. But if you’re in such a rush to make so many changes you might miss what we already have.”

    His spirit somewhat deflated, Korczynski bit his tongue. “Aye sir.”


    Rubbing the newly grown facial stubble where a beard had previously sprouted, Korczynski reflected on his former Commanding Officer’s words. From his first opportunity as second in command on the Phoenix to the current role on Sabre, his career had taken a number of unexpected turns.

    Things had changed.

    However there was an awful lot that remained the same.
    Best to make the most of it while it lasted.

    Matthew Vaj

    // A great snippet of the life of Cmdr Korczynski 🙂

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