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    I’ve been making efforts to make TSN a more “unified” experience. Towards this goal, I registered the domain

    So far, I’ve created url’s for the “Command Codes” that we’ve been using: for the standard command codes; cc2… and cc3… have been created for alternate servers (I finally got my server working properly with the TSN mod after experiencing some crashes on Saturday). These can be input into Artemis instead of typing the actual IP address. More command codes can always be added, and the existing ones can always be changed, if necessary. 24-hours notice would work best, just to make sure the new records propagate.

    Also, after a lot of trial and error and colorful language, I’ve created DNS records that allow us to use as the TeamSpeak server address. It simply defines the proper port# and then points to the existing server. It works with both 3.0 and the 3.1 update to TeamSpeak3. This probably won’t affect most of the regular officers, who have already bookmarked the current server, but it should present a server name that’s easy to remember for new cadets or when setting up a new workstation.

    I’ve also set the domain up to forward to the existing website.

    Any other suggestions?

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    Sounds good. I didn’t even know Artemis would accept a dns name 🙂


    It was actually something I learned through [Civ] Mooga.

    It comes in especially handy when certain officers here do some “extra training” outside of TSN. For those who have relatively stable IP addresses, we can just ask who’s hosting and quickly put in the server address (i.e., without the hassle of putting the IP address in our Discord or TeamSpeak nickname or scrolling up through the chat to find it.

    For TSN, I figured it’d sound more official and better RP if we used Command Code 1, Command Code 2, etc., rather than names.


    Success – I’ve now got the DNS records updated so will work for the TSN TeamSpeak server (the base also works).

    Tuor Elanesse

    Are you abbrevating the codes as “cc1”.

    Other than this I like the idea in general. Making TSN experience more unified. However entering the command codes as digits is still legit in roleplaying. Otherwise it would not be command codes anymore. Personally i like writing digits before missions this adds more reality feels as if they are encoded or something. If you give me a dns and the classic old way, I would choose the digits; however again this is my personal idea.

    Entering the digits does not cost a time actually and most of the times we enter once before starting. I would not see it as a thing that needs refinement. Nevertheless, to give a chance to officers choose between an easy-to-remember dns and the classic digit codes is a good idea.

    Let’s wait for Senior Officers to comment and discuss the potential usage in the shifts.


    Either way works, and I’m sure there are people who may have strong opinions one way or the other.

    The codes right now, as registered in the DNS, are or or (I was going for brevity), but they could easily be “whatever-we-want”

    Either way (numbers or url) can be worked in with good role-playing. We can still say things like, “Officers, make sure your consoles have been updated with the latest security protocols; Raven and Phoenix please switch to Secure Command Code Channel 1; Lancer and Viper patch in to TAC-2.”

    Officers who have been around would then know how to enter those without waiting for the chat text to come in from the command officer, which needs to be re-pasted into the chat every time someone enters the ship channel after-the-fact.

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    I understand some people remember numbers easier and some remember phrases easier, but I’m one of the phrase people and, particularly since I play Artemis outside of shift, it’s much easier to remember than to remember the primary server’s IP. This is doubly true when we split out into two groups and run on different servers. Rather than the second group waiting for different command codes, they know to connect to cc2.* instead of cc1.* We can change the prefix if there is something that would make more sense or be more aesthetically pleasing, but the idea is solid none the less.

    I suppose to clarify what seems like Tuor’s concern, I don’t think that Donovan is advocating that people must use the alias instead of the IP address. I also agree, the difference in time to enter the alias vs. the IP is negligible. What it is, however, is more accessible and more scalable than having everyone either remember or repeatedly ask for command codes, particularly when we need to shift off the primary set, and this cannot be a bad thing. Only a good one. Thank you Donovan for setting this up.

    On a personal and selfish level, I type using the standard keyboard. For a full IP, I switch to my 10 key out of habit…. which also happens to be where I put all of my ship whisper lists. In case people ever wonder why I start whispering nothing repeatedly to various ships at the beginning of a shift ^_^

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