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    To give more variety during shifts, you’ll have noticed GMs running stand-alone ‘simulated missions’. The idea is to give us something to do other than solo and coop mode games that we run between the ‘official missions’ thay form our story arc.

    Almost all of these mission, like last night’s biological attack by the USF, are off-the-cuff missions spun out from one idea.

    So, if you have an idea that GMs could take and build on to make a mission, post below. There doesn’t need to be full details, jist things that could be happening that need sorting. Even the smallest idea can kick of another epic 2hr race to save the galaxy!


    I’d love an excuse to play with some of the Ximni toys ships, perhaps there’s some sort of interspecies summit where we are given the opportunity to train aboard Ximni vessels? If you want to get really crazy, it could be an officer exchange program like that one episode of TNG, and a handful of our officers would be “exchanged” (RP as guest characters) with Ximni officers.

    Another few stray ideas:
    -suddenly the fleet is trapped by invisible walls (or is GM teleported at certain coordinates?), have to feel and/or science our way through a maze, not sure how to execute though…
    -Some anomaly takes out one system from each ship (Raven loses beams while Lancer loses warp, for instance) forcing ships to coordinate to get anything done. Maybe the system failures rotate so officers don’t get bored…
    -A group of pirates that run and hide, instead of turning and fighting, and we have to chase them across several sectors


    What if we had to search hostile vessels for renegades or contraband and were REQUIRED to get them to surrender? For those that refused (mechanically) could GM intervention flip them?


    An idea I’ve had in my head would be a secret hijacked vessel disguised among a fleet of other friendly vessels that would be more of a puzzle to deduce which the right vessel is and to then destroy it. You’d have to figure it out based on which direction it was moving, anomalous characteristics, ship traits, or communications traffic, etc.

    Essentially, making it more of a puzzle and roleplay experience rather than showing up in a sector and blowing up the bad guys.

    Something else that might be interesting would be using more of those courier style vessels that move about quickly. If they reach a sector border more than 4-5k away from a friendly ship (outside of jamming range), then an enemy fleet could warp in to reinforce the existing conflict.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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