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    Jemel Eahain

    Mission debrief excerpt TSN Lancer Stardate 7117.2237
    The events of the following debrief were put forward to TSN command as reasoning behind medals issued in the latest award ceremony for Lt Morlock (DSM) on tactical station, LtJr Xiph (DSM) in engineering and Captain Jemel (legion of merit) in Command

    TSN Lancer was patrolling the lower sectors of sector 12 somewhere around d3 to d4,
    we received a system a message over the ship tannoy about an external breach to the primary core affecting our propulsion systems. Maneuvering was down, warp was out and impulse was down to around 30%.

    Almost instantly 3 pirate ships De-cloaked just outside combat range not directly in-front of us but front and to the port,
    My orders at first were in following with standard practice, move the ship out of the danger area fix up or call in reinforcements, so the orders were given to boost impulse engines and move Lancer out of the danger area while calling mayday over fleet wide comms.

    It become apparent that boosted impulse was not going to get Lancer clear of the pirates before the rest of the fleet made it to us, so i made the decision to change direction to engage the enemy ships, in the heat of the moment the order sounded a bit more like “fuck it, boost the shit out of beams and fucking shoot that guy!!!”

    The thought behind it was engage the enemy and try to destroy or disarm as many of the enemy, holding out for reinforcements to arive while keeping the enemy in front of us focusing on the front of the ship while engine repairs (warp and impulse) were going on in the rear,
    i believe if we continued to try and fall back we would have been over run and our final systems picked off and destroyed. this way we stood half a chance of surviving or at the very least we were going down fighting.

    We moved into position and started to engage the enemy, our shields did not last long and our systems started to take hits,
    We were taking damage, systems were starting to over heat but our weapons officer was dishing out as good as we were taking, disabling the enemy’s weapons then destroying the enemy’s vessels one by one, I believe the rest of the fleet arrived to get some shots off at the last enemy to finish it off,

    Damage to the ship was very extensive all the forward nodes were red, some of the rear were red as well we could of only been 1 or 2 nodes from totally destruction

    repairs were underway extremely quickly after the “hack”, and we were fully combat operational in a matter of minute after dispatching the pirates.

    The XO filed for recognition right away for the weapons officer who’s precise targeting had knocked out enemy weapons giving us just a little longer to survive the fight and to the engineer whos balancing of energy and system heat kept Lancer punching out at the enemy who thought they had snagged an easy pray.

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    Jolly good show, Lancers! Definitely a drink in the bar is on me.

    Blaze Strife

    //Nicely done! Definitely deserving of a medal.


    Thank you Sir, what a surprise!

    I was just doing my duty.

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