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    Since the Fleet Captain has been considering a Missile Cruiser, he asked for combat order proposals to help facilitate the unique combat style they employ. To that end, here are my thoughts on that:

    Standing order: If the purpose is to kill (rather than disable/capture), the Weapons officer should be allowed to load Pshocks into empty tubes without being ordered to do so unless the space is needed for a greater order. (Echo 4, Omega 3 continuous, etc.)

    Combat order proposal: Sigma (Saturate)

    • Sigma 1: Load 2+ EMPs and fire them in such a fashion to saturate the target fleet, including all high value targets.
    • Sigma 2: Load 2 EMPs and 2 Nukes, fire them in EMP/Nuke pairs. This is intended to spread out the damage on support ships so that support ships may engage with beams while dealing with fewer targets.

    Sigma orders may also have the “-continuous” suffix. This instructs the weapons officer to load homing (and Pshock) torpedoes to target individual ships for destruction.

    Continuous in this fashion may also be applied to Echo and Omega maneuvers. To that end, if a commander wishes for an Omega 2 or Omega 3 maneuver to continue firing nukes rather than switching to light ordinance, they should designate as such with “-Heavy continuous”.

    Proposed Combat order amendment: Gamma

    • Gamma 3 – Helm sets course away from the enemy in fuel collection mode. Weapons lowers shields, Engineering boosts impulse to help make up for the speed difference and keeps the ship out of range. Weapons loads and fires homing torpedoes at designated targets, using the energy from fuel collection to generate new homing torpedoes so the volley is sustained.

    The Gamma-3 combat order shares a lot with the Kappa formation, though in this case bait and aggressor are the same ship. This would also suffer against higher speed opponents such as warp capable Skaarans and enemy fighters. This can be supplemented by warp boosts to open the distance before settling down and resuming the barrage. If this tactic is developed, this could be broken into a completely different classification. Victor for Volley, X-ray for Xavier since @admin said he wanted one, Mike for Missile, etc.

    Given the Missile Cruisers’ (particularly the Mk2 refit) complete dependence on ordinance and how that is not easily replaced save for homing torpedoes, thought should be given to using EMPs with the “Kilo-” prefix to open engagements via EMP strike so that they magnify the effectiveness of other deployed ordinance.


    @davisn456 and @blaze do you remember any of the tactics we can up with on the hydra? I recall getting paired with Lancer a lot, and softening big fleets to be cleaned up later by lighter ships.

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    Blaze Strife

    Oh, Hydra… That was a long time ago; almost a full year. I was but a Cadet and an Ensign (Active) back then. 🙂

    Well, I seem to recall using multiple EMPs to soften up the whole fleet, and a few scaterred nukes. We also used homing-nuke for anti-torp ships. Echo 4 was also something we often did. The beam arc was mostly saved for drones. We also didn’t really bother with enemy frequencies, since we didn’t attack with beams, trying to stay way out of range.

    Back then we didn’t even have Pshocks, I think.

    Our biggest problem was that we were slow, so I can’t remember how we dealt with fighters, or if they even existed.

    Can’t seem to recall much, actually. My memory fails me.


    I think for fighters, using one of the theta evasive maneouvres should work. They allow enough flexibility for the helm to maneouvre and engage the fighters with mines and deal with them.

    I like the ideas for the attack patterns. The designations would have to be considered to make sure there is no cross over with current orders.


    On the large fleets, we’d almost always do either 2 emps and a nuke, or 2 2 emps and 2 nukes for really large fleets, and we would spread them out. I also would occasionally do an EMP + 2 mines, sometimes 3 mines. Once it was done, we’d usually sit back and throw homings into the fleets while other cruises attacked.

    And then there was the “Hellfire Armageddon Maneuver”. This was a double omega 3 (2 emps, 2 nukes) followed up by an echo 4. That one is lots of fun.

    False Trueman

    I kinda want there to be an order where you fill tubes with EMPs, fire them at a large enemy fleet to make sure absolutely nobody has full shields, then load nukes, firing those when ready. It’d only really work with a Missile Cruiser as that has 4 tubes, but I think it’ll be useful when you’re going to be overwhelmed.

    Call it “Leave none alive! Boo ha haa!”, maybe?
    Or in seriousness, “Fleet-Stopper”.

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