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    Jayce Gideon

    As I understand it, the TSN currently requests that Main Screen changes occur only at the request of the Captain. However, they can often be busy with other tasks and the LRS/TAC views can be very useful for everyone keeping track of the current situation.

    During LAN play with some friends, we’ve developed a system for the Main Screen which has worked extremely well. It follows the following priority strand:
    1. Captain’s standing order.
    2. When in combat range (5k) or better yet while on approach (8k) to target(s), set a directional view based on relative position to target(s).
    3. If targets are between 8k-15k and TSN vessel is still prepared to engage in combat operations, Tactical view. Also used while in Warp transit over significant distances or while navigating an asteroid field.
    4. When docked, escorting at impulse, fuel collecting or such similar activities, revert to LRS so that all station may stay aware of events as they develop.

    This greatly assists Helm in particular with navigation, and helps the entire crew stay aware of both current and developing situations. This does require Helm to be even more on-task, though I think it’s an enjoyable challenge which provides impactful benefits.

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    Some interesting ideas.

    In terms of navigation though, I want to see science officers doing more, particularly using the stellar cartography maps.

    Jayce Gideon

    Well, if you’re looking for ideas regarding Science duties, it’d be interesting to see if it’s possible to generate other types of nebulas. Such nebulas would have map markers or colour codings which would indicate warp limitations, power/shield draining effects, intense sensor interference effects and so on. These would be visible only to Science (and possibly Captain’s map), making it the Science Officer’s role to inform the crew for navigational purposes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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