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    Personal Log Lieutenant Junior Xansta
    Weapons TSN Sabre
    Fourth Light Division, Second Space Fleet, Terran Stellar Navy
    Stardate: 31118-2237


    Stellar cartography reference for Arcturus

    At the start of the shift, Lieutenant Ironclad received a service ribbon, Ensign Agoom received a commendation ribbon and Ensign Maxwell received a one year service award ribbon. Nhaima and Donovan were both promoted to Lieutenant Commander. All awards and promotions were well deserved in my opinion.

    Briefing: Mission based on talks with Patrach-Kal. Lieutanant Commander Hall running CIC. Analysis of map received last shift indicates red areas related to potential jump points. Last shift we managed to deploy some sensor relays. We plan to deploy more in sectors XII and XV. We’re looking for resources since we may be here a while.

      TSN Sabre Crew for this mission:

    Captain Evans: Captain
    Lieutenant Commander Aposine: Engineering
    Lieutenant Ironclad: Helm
    Lieutenant Junior Xansta: Weapons
    Cadet Bubba: Communications
    Cadet Davis: Science, Shuttle

    From Arcturus sector VI we transitioned to sector XI. TSN Lancer investigated the nebula and promptly started taking corrosion damage. We transitioned on to sector XV and stopped so that engineering crews could investigate and address the corrosion. Of course, we managed to launch the shuttle without porperly preparing it, so we had to bring it back and start over. We deployed a scanning beacon then moved on to sector XII to deploy sensor buoys. We had to deter several Rumarians while we were deploying the buoys. One surrendered Rumarian showed as duplicitous, so we insisted that they change course away from our buoy deployment efforts. The Rumarian did not reply, so we destroyed it.

    During the break we heard some interesting information on robotic research occurring on Enceladus from Fleet News Pulse.

    After the break, we set out to investigate potential new resources in sector VII. We had to gather resources under the noses of rampaging Rumarians. TSN Sabre and TSN Horizon were together on this portion of the mission. We also discovered a wreck and did some information gathering on it. We heard later that TSN Viper and TSN Lancer had some run-ins with a Typhon. It flung them about quite a bit.

    I hope those resources we gathered can be used to improve our food replicators. I’m getting tired of the so-called food being served. I’m even considering some BBQ’d Rumarian.

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