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    Personal log, Lieutenant Junior Xansta
    Weapons TSN Sabre
    Fourth Light Division, Second Space Fleet, Terran Stellar Navy
    Stardate: 29918-2237

    Start in Hjorden system

    The fleet scientists followed up on signals from natural jump points in the Hjorden system. Initial probes showed natural formations (read: nebulae and asteroids). We got the job of traversing this new jump point along with a science vessel to check out the unexplored areas. The chances are low, we’ll be shot at by enemies despite the mention of apparent budding good will between Kraliens and Hjorden. It’ll be nice to be on a mission where I’m not constantly worried about coming home on my shield as it were.

    So, off we go through the jump point now identified as the Arcurus/Hjorden gate. We come out in D2 mark 5 or 6. Alien life forms appear throughout the sector and then disappear. TSN Lancer tasked to patrol A1-B5, TSN Viper to patrol D1-E5 and TSN Horizon C1-D5. TSN Sabre stayed near the jump point. We detected sharks in C2, E4 and A4 and a whale in C2.

    CIC tells us that base construction ships are inbound and to prepare an area for them. We suggested C2 mark 3 inside a nebula formation. To facilitate construction, TSN Sabre deployed Piranha and Shark repelling beacons nearby since we saw those kinds of space creatures in the area. TSN Viper deployed beacons in E4 and E5 to attract sharks and dragons, more of which we saw in the area. The construction ships have transited and are now constructing a base.

    A group of Kraliens appeared in B5 mark 7 and spouted off a message, “Where the Krael did these things just drag us. Help! anyone.” I loaded up an EMP and a nuke as helpers. These Kraliens disappeared before we were able to help them, drat. Thus ended our first mission of the shift.

    Between the missions our ships were loaded with additional cargo to facilitate construction in the area. Once we started the mission, we had communication issues with CIC. Telemetry showed four rendezvous points, but we were not sure what to do with them. Once we re-established a link with CIC, we were informed we needed to take the cargo to these points using our shuttle craft. I took Poseidon out from TSN Sabre and placed the cargo at the designated point in C1. The automated space building machinery, thus delivered, constructed sensor buoys at the points.

    We then escorted science vessel with call sign B55 from the base to the trailing sector (via a transition along the 5 line). In the new sector, the science vessel wanted to investigate the nebulae in B2-C3. The fleet was tasked with protecting it since it has no weaponry. The fleet spread out along the 1 line to watch for hostiles. We started noticing Piranhas. We managed to keep them away by using beacons and by leading them on a merry chase around the sector.

    Once the science vessel completed sensor scans, we transitioned rimward (via the E line) to the next sector. This new sector had a long line of purple nebulae from A1-C4. Another formation of green nebulae (the kind the science vessel likes to investigate) was located in D3 mark 7. Sharks and Piranhas got a little too inquisitive and we herded them away from the science vessel by using beacons. Afterwards the fleet rendezvoused in B1 for an automated systems return and the end of the second mission of the shift.

    Of course we conducted simulations before and after the missions. The simulation before the mission had us traveling from Krisenda II to Krisenda III where we ran into some Skaraans and Kraliens. After dealing with them we restocked and headed diagonally to Krisenda VIII. There, we found a subverted base, Stephenson. The fleet captain took out a shuttle craft to try to establish control of Stephenson. Unfortunately, he did not avoid the mines near the base and perished. Fortunately, it was only a simulation. We told him that a successful captain shuttle mission only appears in fictional space adventure portrayals such as those produced in the late 20th century to early 21st century on Earth. We think he’s been taking these fictional portrayals too seriously.

    The simulation after the missions had different officers taking command of different ships with different capabilities. We shot down several virtual enemy fleets trying to invade our virtual command base. I ended up in fleet command at some point in the latter half of the simulation since the fleet commander’s simulated ship was destroyed. Fun was had by all.

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