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    Personal Log Lieutenant Junior Xansta
    Weapons, Acting Executive Officer TSN Sabre
    Fourth Light Division, Second Space Fleet, Terran Stellar Navy
    Stardate: 201018-2237

    Arcturus sector IV, Outpost 91

    stellar cartography reference

    From the duty shift briefing we gathered that Command decided to recall the expedition back through the Hjorden gate. They’re going to leave the gate online and monitor it to prevent Rumarian access. Linguistic and diplomatic experts will eventually establish contact with the Rumarians. Lieutenant Commander Hall advised us to expect three expeditionary and mining fleets to return along with their escorts.

      Personnel this shift for TSN Sabre:

    Fleet Captain Xavier Wise: Commanding Officer
    Cadet Pepor: Helm
    Lieutenant Junior Xansta: Weapons and Shuttle
    Ensign Raiden: Engineer
    Lieutenant Junior Starry: Science and Communications
    This was Cadet Pepor’s first mission with the Fourth Light Division

    Three fleets came through starting at C5 and transitioning through the gate in D2 mark 5. We herded several infestations of piranhas and sharks with beacons and lures away from the fleet path. Rumarians pursued the exiting fleets as well as attacked sensor relays in B2 mark 1, B4 mark 3, E2 mark 2 and E5 mark 1. Cadet Pepor wondered why the Rumarians were so fat. I didn’t care to speculate.

    We started experiencing gravitational waves pushing our ships around. It got bad enough to push TSN Sabre away from Outpost 91 after we had docked. In the midst of the gravitational waves we identified a charybdis. We tried to set a beacon to attract it away from the gate and Outpost 91, but it seemed to ignore the beacon and went its own way, fortunately away from the outpost and the gate. By this time, the gravity waves threatened to overcome the ships. Sensors picked out what appeared to be a singularity near the jump gate. The fleet captain brought us all together to weather the storm. We advised the other Hjorden assets in the area to also congregate to share protective shielding. We shut down ship systems and huddled together in the virtual galley during the gravity storm.

    Once the gravity waves abated we came out of the huddle to assess the damage. The Fourth Light Division ships survived intact, but the same could not be said for the other assets in this sector. Outpost 91 and other installations were damaged or destroyed and there were several life pods and lots of chunks of equipment strewn about by the gravity waves. We went out to recover and salvage what we could. Subsequently, TSN Sabre went over to inspect the Hjorden jump gate while TSN Horizon, TSN Lancer and TSN Viper patrolled the sector and repelled several “inquisitive” Rumarian groups.

    TSN Sabre’s investigation of the jump gate was interrupted by a console failure. It adversely impacted the entire 4LD fleet. Ensign Raiden, our engineer, was sent over to Sabre Auxiliary CIC to assist Lieutenant Commander Hall with repairs. They called for a replacement circuit board of type B5. I happened to have one under my console, so I took it to them. Next time we have an auxiliary CIC attached to Sabre, we should think of using a larger space than the converted broom closet we used. I’m surprised Lieutenant Commander Hall didn’t complain. He and Ensign Raiden resembled sardines when I brought them the replacement board.

    Once they completed repairs, they confirmed that the gate circuitry was intact but that the jump point was no longer present and thus the jump gate was non-functional. In light of the continued Rumarian interest, we decided to move to Arcturus sector VII to find a place to hole up and assess next steps. After transition, scanning and scouting, several 4LD fleet members pointed out C3 mark 7 as an ideal hiding spot. CIC agreed and the remaining assets from Arcturus IV moved into the dense nebula. 4LD accompanied them and rigged for silent running. The science officers were tasked with preparing dampening fields around the ships and assets to further reduce the chances of Rumarian detection.

    In preparation for next shift, engineering and science officers were instructed to develop a method for searching out the jump point under the assumption that the gravity waves may have just pushed it to a different position within Arcturus sector IV. Weapons officers were directed to take careful inventory of ordnance due to the lack of resupply facilities in Arcturus while we are cut off from the rest of USFP space. Weapons officers will also work with science officers in configuring probes to help the jump point search while providing minimal location information for any lurking Rumarians.

    Space can be a dark and gloomy place when you’re deep in a nebula cut off from resupply with unknown hostile alien groups hunting for you.


    // Another excellent log. Much appreciated coverage of events by somene who was busy working with the science staff and saw nothing of operations.

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