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    Personal Log Lieutenant Junior Xansta
    Engineering TSN Sabre
    Fourth Light Division, Second Space Fleet, Terran Stellar Navy
    Stardate: 101118-2237

    Arcturus sector VI

    Stellar cartography references: Arcturus and Arcturus Sector VI

    At the start of the shift, Lieutenant Beaumont was promoted to Lieutenant Senior – a good decision on the part of leadership, I think.

    We’re going out to retrieve data from the buoys we dropped last shift. Command deems the data critical to our continuing mission in Arcturus without linkage back to USFP space.

      TSN Sabre Crew for this mission:

    Fleet Captain Xavier: Captain
    Lieutenant Commander Hall: Helm
    Cadet Pepor: Weapons, Shuttle
    Lieutenant Junior Xansta: Engineering
    Lieutenant Junior Reynolds: Science and Communications

    After leaving the mobile dry dock in orbit around the planet (we really ought to name that planet), we headed for E5 for a Rimward/Trailing transition to Arcturus Sector XI. We observed a differentiation in nebula color observed in the sector compared to what is represented in the ancient map we’ve been referencing (purple vs green). Is that a difference in visual frequency sensitivity between us and the map makers or perhaps the nebulae have changed over time? Before we reached E5, we encountered a group of about 3 or 4 Rumarian vessels. We convinced them to surrender. We transitioned Trailing to sector XII. It seems we were followed by the Rumarians from sector XI. TSN Horizon, TSN Lancer and TSN Viper were dispatched to run interference while TSN Sabre went to retrieve data from the sensor buoy. As we headed for the buoy, we experienced a coolant feedback loop in Engineering and were forced to dump a large batch of coolant. After retrieving the sensor data, we headed to B4 where Lancer was being ambushed by a batch of Rumarians. It seems that the Rumarian vessels have a greater ability to get close to us without sensor detection than other vessels we’ve encountered before. On our way to Lancer, it looked like Horizon ran over another coolant dump or had to make a coolant dump themselves based on what I was seeing on the map. Once command verified that the data we retrieved from the buoy was what they were looking for, we headed for E1 for a Spinward/Rimward transition to sector XV. But, it seems we got too close to one of the coolant dumps left earlier. Our engines suddenly started taking massive damage. After repairing the damage, we continued on.

    In sector XV, we gathered more data from the earlier deployed sensor buoys and fended off additional Rumarians. We then transitioned Spinward/Coreward to sector X, then Coreward to sector VI. TSN Sabre was still experiencing ongoing system malfunctions. I expressed concern that those malfunctions might spread to our mobile dry dock, but I was assured that the dry dock could handle it and the best place to examine those problems would be there.

    Once in dry dock, the fleet personnel engaged in some simulations to keep our skills sharp. In the middle of the simulation, we were alerted to a scramble situation and we deployed out from dry dock to investigate. Turns out either the Rumarians followed us or they are getting better at penetrating the interference provided by the planet. There were a number of large swarms of Rumarian vessels converging on our mobile assets around the planet. The Hjorden ships were tasked primarily with defense of the assets while 4LD engaged the Rumarians directly. During the course of the engagement, several Rumarians that surrendered recanted and started back towards us. We were forced to destroy more of them than we really wanted to. We still hold out hope of establishing amicable if not friendly relations with them. A group of Rumarians surrounded one of our science vessels and then left the sector. We also intercepted a broadcast communication apparently from the Rumarians stating that they had what they came for. About that time, the Rumarians left the sector.

    During the post mission aftermath and briefing, we discovered that only debris remains of the science vessel. Also, that Rumarian communication is being quarantined and carefully examined to ensure system integrity and to verify the initial interpretation. Without the people that were aboard the science vessel, jump point research will be severely curtailed.

    Additional awards were given at the end of the shift. Three officers helping decode the ancient map received achievement ribbons: Lieutenant Junior Starry, Ensign Raiden and Lieutenant Commander Mundy. Ensign Wilcon received an accomodation ribbon for stellar cartography. He and Lieutenant Junior Yooey received gold pins for helm specialization. Newly promoted Lieutenant Senior Beaumont received a tactical awareness ribbon. Lieutenant Xiph received a command deck services ribbon.

    The final word: The area is not secure. No lifepods from the science vessel. We suspect the Rumarians may ransom our science personnel.

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