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    Rodger Wilcon

    Begin Transcript
    Begin Recording
    Ahem… Personal Log, Ensign Rodger Wilcon, Stardate 201018-2237.
    TSN, 2nd Space Fleet, 4th Light Division, on rotation: TSN Horizon; Helm.

    Well, this seems like as good a time as any to start the habit of taking personal logs, seeing as it’s not likely that we’ll be able to go home anytime soon. As a summary, the Hjorden expeditionary force to the newly discovered Arcturus system, which the 4th Light Division was assisting as an advanced guard of sorts, had to be evacuated due to an unknown threat produced by the native inhabitants of the Arcturus system, or connected systems. Two of the three convoys were able to make it through the Hjorden gate without much incident, apart from some shakiness getting the second convoy through with the presence of slight gravitational waves, but by the time the third convoy started coming into range of the gate the gravitational waves had increased in intensity and frequency by quite a bit, calling for fleetwide full systems shutdown to ride out the storm. By the time the gravitational waves had subsided it was found that the Hjorden gate had become inoperable, forcing the 4LD and accompanied Hjorden forces to retreat further into the Arcturus system to find a defensible location to hide from the rapidly increasing Rumarian forces.

    Due to increasingly hostile interactions with the Rumarian species during the last shift, 4LD and Hjorden command deemed it necessary to enact a full evacuation of all personnel from the Arcturus system. The evacuation was assisted by Hjorden battlegroups, as escorts for expeditionary and heavy cargo ships, while the 4LD discouraged local cosmazoans and Rumarian ships, attempting for surrenders and destroying if not possible. Unfortunately one surrendered ship was destroyed by light ordinance fired by the TSN Horizon prior to confirmation of surrender. The first evacuation group was able to relocate to and through the Hjorden jump gate without much incident, transporting a large number of non-essential personnel and equipment. At this point the system started to be affected by gravitational waves, increasing the difficulty of maneuvering the fleet, but not substantially. The second evacuation group was able to make it through the gate with remaining non-esential personnel and equipment, with only minor difficulty from Rumarian forces and gravitational shifting, transporting remaining non-essential assets and multiple mobile ship docks. As the third evacuation group started making their way to the gate the Rumarians started intensifying their attacks on friendly ships, which was largely deterred by the efforts of the escorting Hjorden battlegroup. As the evacuation group neared the Hjorden gate the system was hit by an intense gravitational storm, forcing all friendly ships to converge into a ‘raft’ to protect eachother with combined shields and mass, eventually fleet command prompted all ships to do a full shutdown to ride out the storm and avoid unnecessary systems damages.

    Once the storm had passed and all ships had powered up their systems, the third evacuation group attempted to jump through the gate, at which time it was discovered that the jump gate had shifted away from the natural jump tethering point, making it impossible to jump to Hjorden. Outpost 91 was also destroyed by the storm, and as such we are unable to refill ordinance and energy. The 4LD quickly disassembled the jump gate, in an effort to eliminate the possibility of the Rumarians destroying the gate or using it to move into the Hjorden system, and directed the remaining fleet rimward from the previous base sector. Remaining Rumarian ships were destroyed to hide the direction in which we were escaping into, although it is a likely possibility that the Rumarians do know that we are in our current sector. Collectively the science officers aboard the Viper and Lancer, as well as the helm officer from the Horizon, hello, and Fleet Command aboard the Sabre, decided that the best place to hole up was a dense nebula located in C3-7, which also offered the protection of a pair of asteroids. The collective fleet moved into the C3-7 nebula and enacted silent running procedures and a full system shutdown to reduce scanner visibility while command plans our next move.

    TSN Sabre to fleet, all bridge crews please assemble in main conference room.

    OK then, brainstorming round. End log.

    End Recording
    End Transcript

    Matthew Vaj

    // Nicely done, good to see a few people still willing and able to write up personal logs!

    Rodger Wilcon

    // Is there anything that you see that I could improve on in the log, or should I just keep it Wilcon by just doing what I think I should do.

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