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    John van Leigh

    Personal log
    Commander John van Leigh, TSN.
    Stardate 20816-2237

    This was a longer day than expected. The Duty Shift proper began after an all-nighter preparing forms and filing paperwork. Of course it had a detrimental effect on my concentration, but it couldn’t be helped.

    The senior officers meeting had some surprises. My post as the head clerk was confirmed, Aposine was promoted to senior rank, and the first set of assignments has been organized to some degree. My new XO is Commander Zeilreich, an officer with a widely known reputation. During the session I got another request from Lieutenant Slate, one of the most talented scicomms officer in the entire Navy, which of course has been approved.

    Permanent command has a very particular feel. At first you’re proud, and try to do a lot of things to improve the ship. You have your own way of running the show, and you want to make sure things are done that particular way. Then your plans hit reality, and, as always, they never survive contact with it. The most problematic points are due to personalities clashing, and tonight had its share of examples. Nonetheless, I’m confident this crew will work to my stardards eventually.

    The Artemis-class in particular is specially interesting, though. A middle point between a Valkyrie and an Apollo, and a tactical generalist. Weak under most circumstances. Yet, when everything goes right, becomes an incredibly effective tool that outdoes Apollo on ordnance, and beats Valkyrie on endurance. I really look forwards to my helm officer, as this will prove an incredibly important position. An unskilled helm means the ship gets beaten in ten seconds flat, as is the case with any cruiser but even more so here, and a very skilled one means the ship can kill a capital fleet with ease. This is even more interesting on Phoenix, the oldest ship of the division. She does have some teeth, but at this point is a tactical relic. I like her more than I should.

    The first couple of engagements went horribly wrong, with all of us still adapting to the ship. Then we moved to a border war simulation in which Phoenix cleared an area equivalent to that covered by all the other ships of the division combined. It was a good chance to serve with some of the old Lancer crew, Morlock for example. Some of the notes del Pino left behind from when he was with them have a lot of praise for him.

    Then came the mission. When we were moving for an offensive our orders changed on transit to defend a different system. My XO, Dante, an Intelligence officer, managed to innovate with his swearing at that. It was a very long battle in which Phoenix served with distinction, making an excellent team with Viper. Especially towards the end, when both our magazines were drained and our damcon capability was severely compromised. At this point my lack of sleep got the better of me, and I was starting to display confusion even as to what system we were in, and my situational awareness suffered a bit with me being too slow to read damage reports. Dante worked admirably at this point.

    After the dismissal we introduced Aposine to some documents and updated his access codes. Then I did more paperwork. But the best thing, I finally managed to connect the sound systems on the bridge to properly play music without interfering with intership comms. We’ll see how this goes.

    Blaze Strife

    //Thanks for this! And congratulations, again. 😛

    John van Leigh

    //You’re welcome! I’ll write the one for last week when I have some time.

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