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    John van Leigh

    Personal log
    Lieutenant Commander John van Leigh, TSN.
    Stardate 20716-2237

    This was the worst duty shift in a very long time. No missions were done, so we spent our time shut on our home sytem, only getting a live fire exercise. There was not a single one system that escaped malfunction.

    Before the first simulation we had to let go of my temporary XO, who received a promotion to lieutenant commander and was requested on Raven. The Lancer’s helmsman, Aposine, was promoted as well; and soon we’ll receive orders to promote senior lieutenants.

    From then, everything went downhill, with helm being unable to maneuver accurately due to the commsnet not responding fast enough, our engineer staring at a five minutes old display, amd myself having a 15 seconds (at best) lag the times my console wasn’t direcly nonoperational. The worst moment was the one captain Fish ordered me to take command of the fleet, which I had to hand over to commander Zeilreich as I didn’t have a working map. Of course, the intership comms failed the exact moment I was passing that message.

    At the end, we botched the live fire mission due to the fact that none of us was able to practise properly on the sims.

    I just hope that this gets solved before we’re attacked. I need a drink…

    Blaze Strife

    //Let’s blame it all on the Arvonians!

    John van Leigh

    //Damned Arvonians!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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