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    John van Leigh

    Personal log
    Commander John van Leigh, TSN.
    Stardate 11016-2237

    Fast response is boring. I like my ship, but the feeling of confinement one gets from being stuck in small quarters while trying to prevent the division from encountering anything unexpected becomes irritating quite fast.

    The duty shift began with me being assigned as Commander of the Green, a provision that is rarely employed. Basically, it allows me to bypass seniority, so until further notice I’m the seniormost commander, just below captan Jemel in the chain of command. I suspect this will be ammended as soon as Verok returns.

    I spent the first part of the duty shift rewiring my console, so command for the routine simulations was held by Dante, who’s proving himself very capable. As soon as I was able to have a real-time view of the situation on my map, we did some simulated missions to assist the new additions of the Intelligence department familiarize themselves with their software.

    In the middle of that we noticed enemy forces closing on us, so we had to scramble. Because reasons, I ended up in command of our defense. I’m glad to say the first wave has been cleared, but the sensor relays are acting up. We’ll send repair crews eventually, but for the time being ship repairs take priority.

    This is my first time writing a log in the middle of battle, as for a couple of hours Phoenix is to stay at dock and let the other ships handle our scouting. Nobody knows when the next attack will begin.

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